100% TRUE Castile Soap

100% TRUE Castile Soap
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Introducing our new baby in the By Valenti family!

One of our priorities and the core of my company is to offer super high quality TRUE Soaps you can use literally on anyone in your family even your dogs and cats. So when we came up with the large list of soaps we were going to offer it included the best available TRUE 100% Castile Soap.

Castile Soap or as it’s originally named in Spain Jabón de Castilla, is made exclusively with unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Unfortunately, pseudo called Castile Soaps that contain little or non Olive Oil in their formulations are widely available in today’s market. If it’s not made with 100% Olive Oil is NOT TRUE Castile Soap. Just like a Champagne can’t be legally called Champagne if it doesn’t come from the region of Champagne in France, Castile soap can’t be called Castile unless is made with only unrefined Olive Oil using the traditional method. Incredibly when it comes to soaps, denominations of origin are not enforced.

Castile Soap was originally conceived in the Kingdom of Castilla around the year 600-700, a current region in Spain, known to have an abundance of locally grown and pressed Olive Oil. Soon they discovered this main ingredient would produce a superior soap with incredible qualities from which the skin and your body would benefit from. High in Oleic Acid, Olive Oil does wonders for any skin type aside from being a must in any kitchen. Olive oil regenerates damaged skin and is a natural humectant, drawing moisture into your skin keeping it soft and moisturized without that oily sensation we so much dislike. Many believe the Castile Soap is green in color since the unrefined extra virgin olive oil is green in color. The fact is olive oil makes a white soap unless color is added during the process. As the soap continues curing over the months and years, the soap turns completely white, the reason why Castile Soap was once called “The White Soap” by the Kings and Queens of Spain.

Soaps made with only Olive Oil are considered mild and gentle soaps perfect for any skin type even newborns. Soaps made exclusively with Olive Oil don’t clog pores like soaps made with tallow do, keeping your skin clean for longer while preventing premature aging and acne infections. Castile Soap is not loved by everyone though, mainly because it doesn’t lather too much and because as many describe it, it feels “slimy”, the bubbles are not that big, and it feels too creamy (personally I don’t think that’s a bad thing) but if you don’t mind this then you will enjoy and benefit tremendously from this soap.

At By Valenti we make not only a TRUE Jabón de Castilla (Castile Soap) we went the extra mile and made it with USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so our soap retains all the goodness of this wonderful fruit transferring its properties to your skin.

Since I wanted to offer a TRUE Castile Soap, we didn’t add any essential oil or micas for added color, so the aroma and color of this soap is entirely coming from the olive oil itself, and like with any of By Valenti soaps our Castile Soap doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, preservatives or petroleum by-products ever, being the only Castile Soap with expiration date. To top it all up this is a 100% vegetarian and 100% vegan soap.

Our TRUE 100% Castile Soap is as natural as nature intended and cares for your skin as much as we do. Give it a try and see for yourself, buy our TRUE 100% Castile Soap.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Are you saying Dr Bronner’s castile soap isn’t really castile soap? Why are they calling it castile soap if it isn’t? Would that be considered fraud?

    1. BVOrganics says:

      That’s correct. Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap is not a true castile soap and has never been, despite their insistence in calling it so deceiving millions of consumers in the process. If that was the case then all our soaps, the chocolate, himalayan, even our coffee soap and all the soaps in the market regardless of their ingredients would be considered castile soaps.

      An authentic Castile Soap is the one made with ONLY Olive Oil, water and lye, and not any kind of olive oil either. If the soap – liquid or solid – contains other oils in its formulation then it isn’t an authentic castile soap but just a plain vegetable soap and should NOT be called castile soap. Not that there is anything wrong with a plain vegetable soap, it’s just not a true and authentic castile soap. It would be the equivalent of calling a Chocolate cake a Strawberry Cheesecake. They’re both cakes that’s true, but their ingredients are not the same.

      The reason Dr Brooner can get away with calling a fake castile soap, a castile soap, along with thousands of other companies in the US, is because Denominations of Origin aren’t respected in the US as they’re respected and legally enforced in Europe.

      Unfortunately when it comes to soaps, the rules and laws aren’t that strict in Europe either, only some of us follow and abide to the non-enforced denominations and regulations out of respect for centuries of tradition and strict formulas.

      Answering your last question, I guess it could be considered fraudulent to call a product something that it isn’t.

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