Decadent Dark Chocolate Soap

Decadent Dark Chocolate Soap
©By Valenti Organics

There is a reason why our slogan is “The Candy for your Skin” and it’s because the way our soaps look like pieces of candy!

Now you don’t have to pay expensive chocolate spa treatments, because you can do that at home in your own shower or bathtub with our luscious Decadent Dark Chocolate Soap.

This soap is packed with all the goodness of this ancient Mayan fruit for a decadent experience. We added Raw USDA Organic & Fair Trade Dark Chocolate and Organic Cocoa Butter and topped it all up with Organic Dark Chocolate Chips for an extra luxurious and exhilarating experience.

The creamy lather will gently clean your skin while all the natural moisturizer leaves your skin smooth and soft.

Indulge yourself into a luxurious spa treatment today. Click Here to buy now!

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