How to spot a true soap from a fake one

how to spot a true soap from a fake one
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If you shop for “soap” at your grocery store or department store you will notice none of the commercial soaps you will find have the written word “Soap” on the label or packaging. This is because by law a soap that is not truly a “soap” can’t use the word SOAP on the label.

That begs the question, if the soaps that you’ve been using for years are not soaps, then what are they?

Commercial soaps like Oil of Olay, Dove, Palmolive and even shower gels, are considered “fake soaps” or “synthetic soaps” since in reality they are “detergents”. The cocktail of chemicals they contain, the way they are manufactured and the ingredients used prohibit them to be called true soap and use the word “soap” on their packaging. Even further, many of the commercial soaps contain chemicals that are responsible for many skin cancer types. So according to the FDA they are regulated as cosmetics or drugs.
These “detergent bars” are often called moisturizing bars, softsoaps, beauty bars, deodorant soaps and similar names, but never plain “soap”. According to the FDA, soaps are produced from natural ingredients while detergents are produced using synthetic ingredients. In other words, all that lathers is not considered soap.

Next time you shop for “soap” for your family check the ingredients.

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