Makeup removal, Toning and Moisturizing. The 3 most important steps in your night beauty routine.

This is the second part of a 2 part series. If you haven’t yet read the 3 most important steps in your morning beauty routine, please head to Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing. The 3 most important steps in your morning beauty routine.

Like we said in our previous article (link above) a quick, effective morning and night beauty routine that fits into our busy lives, isn’t difficult to achieve, but if one must choose, then the night routine is THE most important of the two.

Sleeping with makeup on, is like sleeping with dirty shoes.

We all take morning showers (or at least the majority of us) and with it, some facial cleansing is performed. Granted, not the best one, or not the ideal one, but it’s better than nothing. But after a long day of everything and anything that’s thrown our way including environmental pollution, a basic beauty routine consisting of removing all makeup, dirt and oils, toning and moisturizing is a must if we want to avoid compacted pores and acne breakouts.

Night Beauty Routine
Step 1 - Makeup Removal
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Makeup Removal. THE most important step on your night routine.

A good makeup removal (don’t confuse it with Cleansers) should be able to completely remove all makeup, including lipsticks, waterproof mascaras, eyeliner and those stubborn foundations.

Aim for a oil base makeup removal, that’s gentle on the skin, so it can actually do the job but mild so it won’t irritate the skin.

Makeup removers can be applied using the fingers, a cotton pad or even a small towel. Apply the makeup remover always massaging in circular motion all over the face, neck and décolleté. Pay special attention to the eyes and nose areas, but always be gentle. To remove a warm wet towel or tissue can be used. On stubborn makeup apply a second time.

. It’s best to reserve a towel to be used exclusively for the face. Wash regularly as to avoid contaminating the skin with potential acne causing bacteria.

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©By Valenti Organics

Toning. A step you shouldn’t skip not even at night.

The same toner used in your morning routine can be used in your night routine. Like we said before, aim for a toner with a low alcohol content and specifically formulated for your skin type.

Toners should be applied with a cotton ball or small towel, massaging in circular motion. This action increases blood flow while removes any particles and makeup remover left behind. Allow for the toner to fully dry before applying moisturizer.

. As good as Rose waters, fruit waters or hydrosols are, they are not toners. These waters are intended to provide some hydration throughout the day if needed. Just spray a bit before entering that important meeting, before heading out from work or on your way to meeting your friends for Friday’s casual cocktails.

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Step 3 - Moisturizing
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Moisturizing. Feed your skin.

Moisturizers are usually water-based lotions, but they can also be serums or oils with multi-functional properties. Moisturizers’ main scope is to hydrate, but also nourish, replenish and/or repair the skin.

Because your skin will repair during the night, it’s recommended to use a moisturizer or oil with vitamin A, E and/or C. Don’t be afraid to alternate moisturizers and oils, or mix if you prefer. Always test your products, especially when combining them to make sure no adverse reactions are caused.

This is also the time to add that anti-aging eye cream to your routine.

Don’t be afraid to alternate moisturizers on a daily basis. Moisturizers are food for your skin. Feeding your skin the same moisturizer every single day, might leave your skin thirsty for missing nutrients. Instead alternate your water-based moisturizers, facial oils and serums regularly.

Allow for moisturizers, oils and serums to fully absorb prior to going to bed, or your pillow will retain all the beauty products instead of your skin.

Check out part 1 of this 2 parts series “Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. The 3 most important steps in your morning beauty routine.”

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