NEW! Baby Care Done Right!

NEW! Baby Care Done Right!
©By Valenti Organics

After months of research in finding the right ingredients, we’re happy to formally introduce our new moms approved BVO Baby Care.

I’m an overly protective mother, especially when it comes to bath & body products for my kids. As a mother of a special needs daughter who has one of the rarest syndromes that affects 1 every 200,000 kids in the world, and knowing how can the wrong ingredient affect my child’s health, my first priority was to select the right ingredients for this line of products.

So we decided to conduct our own marketing research and we listened! We asked hundreds of moms and pops what ingredients they would want their kid’s products to contain, which ingredients they didn’t want, and which ingredients we should under no circumstances include ever.

The answers were almost consistent. All the parents we talked to, professionals, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, single and married, decided absolutely no on sweet almond oil and shea butter, due to peanut allergy concerns, and chamomile because of rag weed allergies. Although we don’t ever use them, we found fascinating that 100% of the parents said a rotund NO to artificial fragrances, artificial ingredients, colorants, petroleum derived ingredients, phthalates, sulfates and the like.

Our poll of parents also spoke, and very loudly of the ingredients they wanted to see in their kids products. Ingredients like olive oil, lavender, calendula and apricot kernel oil were at the top of the list. Armed with all this information, we started the long work. 8 months later, tons of research and testings and we finally have the results of our labor of love.

BVO Babies & Kids include the most essential products for newborns, babies and kids
Soap for delicate skin
True Castile Soap

100% TRUE Castile Soap
©By Valenti Organics

The best non irritating soap made with only Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fabulous for expecting moms.


A Baby Oil
Lavender & Calendula Baby Oil

NEW! Baby Care Done Right!
©By Valenti Organics

Free of artificial ingredients, almond oil, shea butter and chamomile, lightweight and non-greasy especially formulated for your baby’s delicate skin.


A Baby Balm
Lavender & Calendula Baby Balm

NEW! Baby Care Done Right!
©By Valenti Organics

Great on the go, our baby balm works wonders on dry irritated skin or just use after a warm bath to protect your baby’s delicate skin.


A Diaper Balm
Lavender & Calendula Diaper Balm

NEW! Baby Care Done Right!
©By Valenti Organics

With non-nano zinc oxide, our diaper balm is tough on your baby’s diaper rash but gentle on his skin.

For a full list of ingredients simply click on the product’s thumbnail above.

Manuela Valenti | CEO & Founder of By Valenti Organics

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