Homemade Fiocchi di Sale - Salt Flakes

Homemade Fiocchi di sale – Salt Flakes

Manuela Valenti | July 28th, 2016

Fiocchi di Sale in Italian, “Fleur de Sel” in French or “Salt Flakes” in English (somehow it doesn’t have the same ring to it) is…

Focaccia al Rosmarino, burro e olio d'oliva by Manuela Valenti

Focaccia al Rosmarino, burro e olio d’oliva

Manuela Valenti | July 27th, 2016

The Focaccia, (pronounced fo·cac·cia | \fō-ˈkä-ch(ē-)ə\) from the latin focus – fire – is a flat, rustic, but delicious bread originally from Genoa, in the…

Paczki no, Krapfen the original Austrian Carnival Street Food

Paczki, or should we say Krapfen, the Austrian dessert, that isn’t Polish!

Manuela Valenti | February 9th, 2016

By now, chances are at least, you’re familiar with the Paczki, the sweet fried doughnut filed with marmalade, sold by many Polish bakeries in Michigan…

Patatas con Vainitas - Family Recipe

Patatas con Vainitas – Potatoes with green beans. A Spaniard family recipe.

Manuela Valenti | November 9th, 2015

My mother in law, a northern Spaniard from Asturias, was a really good cook, not as good as my Tuscan mother, but good. Most of…

Crema di Zucca - Ricetta della mamma

Crema di Zucca (Butternut Squash Cream Soup)

Manuela Valenti | October 29th, 2015

My mom’s simple and nutritious recipe, perfect for those cold fall and winter days, or for when you just want to crawl up in bed…

Panino col Tonno

Panino col Tonno (Tuna sandwich)

Manuela Valenti | September 3rd, 2015

A simple, fulfilling and nutritious summer favorite at my house. Ingredients (for 2 subs): 1 French baguette. I prefer the French baguettes from EuroBake which…

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