Homemade Fiocchi di sale – Salt Flakes

Homemade Fiocchi di Sale - Salt Flakes
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Fiocchi di Sale in Italian, “Fleur de Sel” in French or “Salt Flakes” in English (somehow it doesn’t have the same ring to it) is nothing more than crystals or clusters of crystals of salt used in cooking as a decorative touch.

Salt flakes are formed by the action of the wind on salt marshes. The wind blows the surface of the salty water drying it producing thin flaky crystals. Owners of salt water aquariums can see them form on the outside of their tanks as well.

Many Italian and French recipes call for them. Finding them in the US however is almost impossible.

But don’t despair because they’re super easy to make.


15 g of salt – any salt you have works the same even Himalayan pink salt
500 ml of water
(to make more just double the proportions)
Large skillet


Dissolve the salt in the water. Add the salt water to a skillet. Place on stove on the lowest heat possible. Leave simmering for about an hour. As the water evaporates the salt flakes will start to form. Remove from heat once the water has completely evaporated. Scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon to loosen/break them up. Let them cool. Store in a jar. Use as needed.

Happy cooking!

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