Plastic or Paper?…

Plastic or Paper?...

When it comes to straws, how about paper or perhaps glass?…

We’re so concerned about the environment that sometimes we fail at the little things that pile up in our landfills. We’ve made a stand on plastic plates, cups and even those single Keurig coffee cups, but we’ve overlooked those little gizmos that have made our lives so easy, the infamous plastic straws.

Straws are a necessity in our modern lives apparently. We have lost the ability to drink from a can or a glass without a straw, and many juice cartons are impossible to drink from without them. They’re used on every movie theater, restaurant, food stand, even at homes all over the world and they come ready to use on our kid’s juice boxes. Millions are tossed away every year in the US alone, making their way to landfills and the oceans, but it seems no one is concerned with them at all. Well, we should!

Most straws are made out of polypropylene, a plastic with the recycling number “5”, which takes thousands of years to break down, hence the importance for recycling it rather than tossing it in the trash. This plastic is said to not leach BPA, but although it might be somewhat safe for our health, they’re a petroleum base byproduct that very rarely or never gets recycled at all.

The ideal solution? If you’re into disposable ones, paper straws might be the solution. Paper straws are made of food safe paper, won’t disintegrate while using them but they will breakdown in landfills or compost bins in about 3 months. Just conducting a search for paper straws on the internet will give plenty of alternatives to choose from. If instead you’re looking for a reusable alternative then glass straws might be what you’re looking for. Glass straws are made out of borosilicate glass. They’re exceptionally strong and the best part they’re reusable. Glass straws do break though, so some care is needed especially around children, They won’t shatter but will break exposing sharp edges. Also, cleaning them properly is a must. Strawesome, a Michigan company just like ours, makes the coolest glass straws ever in a variety of colors and designs. Some even come with cases to carry them around and a cleaning brush.

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