Furoshikana Gift Wrapping Services

Furoshikana Gift Wrapping Services
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We’ve given a twist to the Furoshiki wrapping also known as Knot Wrapping by using our colorful and wonderful very American 100% cotton Bandannas.

Wrap your Christmas, birthday or I Love You present in an eco-friendly reusable bandanna.

Wrap each item for $3 or up to 4 for just $12 on any of our beautiful, classic or colorful 100% Cotton Bandannas.

This is how it works:

  • Shop for your favorite products
  • Select which products you want wrapped
  • Choose a bandanna design
  • Pick the same fabric on up to 4 products and they will be wrapped together
  • Want them to be wrapped individually? pick a different bandanna for each one!

Your products will arrive nicely wrapped, and best no waste!

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