Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2017 we reflect on the past. We faced some great challenges and difficulties. Yet we came out triumphant and made great progress.

On a personal level we all had to face some loses we might not ever fully recover from and opened our arms and our hearts to new loves. But as unpredictable as life is, we welcome every new experience to learn and grow as we all go through this incredible journey called life.

So as the hours count down, we say goodbye to 2017. Thank you for the good and the bad. For the tears and the laughs, and for all the lessons learned. We leave behind in time those we’ve lost but that will never be forgotten as in our hearts they will forever remain.

We welcome 2018 with all it has to offer, and we say, we accept the challenge, bring it on!

We at By Valenti Organics want to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018! May this new year that is about to start, be better and more prosperous than the one we leave behind.

Happy New Year!

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