This Business Serves Everyone #OpenForService

This Business Serves Everyone #OpenForService

The Religious Freedom Act enacted by Indiana last month is certainly a step back in the evolution of our society. A way once again to use religion to discriminate, harm and abuse. It is worded in such a way that it unfortunately opens the doors for any business to deny service based on sexual orientation, and even race if their religion says so.

At By Valenti Organics we welcome everyone! We believe in the separation of business and religion, because both together cannot co-exist in a peaceful, respectful and non-discriminatory manner. We believe who you decide to share your bedroom with, or who you worship is your private personal business, not ours.

That’s why we’ve partnered with, a non-partisan, nonjudgmental group looking to provide a grassroots network for people to support businesses that open their doors for everyone – Black, White, Gay, Straight, Christian, Atheist, Disabled… well, you get our drift.

Join us and millions of other businesses who believe you have the right to be served with respect.

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