Happy Ferragosto Italia! 20% Off Storewide | august 1-31

Happy Ferragosto Italia! 20% Off Storewide | august 1-31
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Ferragosto or Feriae Augusti is a traditional Italian celebration introduced by Emperor Augustus in 18 BC to celebrate him and to extend other festivities and resting time after a long laborious summer. For modern Italians today it means “spiagia!” (beach), fun, vacations and harvesting. All over Italy traffic slows down, businesses close for the entire month and coast lines get incredibly busy. Officially Ferragosto is observed August 15th but in reality it’s celebrated for the entire month of August. Many antique Roman traditions still exist, being the most famous one the horse races in Siena (Il Palio). Although originally a pagan and political festivity, the Roman Catholic church later made it a religious one combining it with the Assunzione di Maria (Assumption of Mary) which is celebrated on the same day.

Because our own founder Manuela Valenti is an Italian citizen we too celebrate Ferragosto!

To extend the celebration to all our friends and loyal customers in the US, we’re launching a 20% off storewide sale August 1st through 31st.

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