About Us

By Valenti Organics was born out of necessity, to meet the needs of Contemporary International Artist, Fashion Model, and mother of three Manuela Valenti, whom during her entire life has suffered from severe skin allergies and irritation. After many doctors, potions and lotions that didn't work, Valenti took a closer look at what was really causing her allergies and found both the commercial laundry detergents and commercial body care products even the apparent "soft" ones were brutally harming her skin due to the high levels of irritants, low grade ingredients and harmful chemicals they were formulated with.

Inspired by Lavender a New Baby Was Born...

The initial idea of basing her products on Lavender came about from Valenti's love for the French plant inherited from her Italian mother, and the magnificent properties the aromatic flower posses. Lavender is a gentle but powerful natural ingredient, known for its antiseptic, cicatrisant, calming, toning and anti-aging properties due to the high content of antioxidants and other natural occurring beneficial chemicals in the plant.

After a year of research, many formulations, data collection, finding and understanding the beneficial properties of many of the natural ingredients that were going to be used and selecting the best ones that would provide the appropriate healing properties the first By Valenti Organic soap was born. Although Lavender was the key ingredient in the beginning, many other fine ingredients along with a blend of the best natural organically grown & fair trade vegetable oils completes the balanced 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly formulations By Valenti Organics is well known for.

What's Different About Our Products...

Pure nature in a bottle...

At By Valenti Organics we offer a large selection of unique, luxurious, exotic all natural soaps & body products formulated to make a difference. Our exclusive formulations are the result of hours of testing finding the best blend of vegetable oils, essential oils and botanicals resulting in unique well balanced formulas. Although we started with one soap made in house, not much has changed. At By Valenti Organics we don't outsource our production ever. Every product is made in-house in the state we call home, Michigan, by Mrs. Valenti along with her team in small controlled batches to ensure quality and freshness. We've grown and expanded from just soaps but the core of the company remains the same, create the best products inspired by nature.

We believe in our products, they were designed to make a difference, to provide men and women with a healthy "0" impact, "0" harmful chemicals, "0" parabens, "0" sulfates, "0" GMOs, "0" phthalates, body products created to perform without harming your health or the environment. Instead of depending on harsh chemicals, petroleum derived ingredients, designed to pollute the body and our earth, we resorted in taking from nature all the goodness it has to offer and transform it in natural products anyone can use. Each product is made with only organically grown and fair trade vegetable ingredients, oil, flowers, botanical, herbs, spices and only pure essential oils. Exotic oils and other natural ingredients are carefully blended in our proprietary unique and exclusive formulas resulting in the best products, aimed to leave your naturally beautiful.

We care as much about the products as the impact they create in our environment. Since no harmful chemicals are used in the making of our products no harmful chemicals are released to the environment. Our soap boxes are made of 100% post consumer papers, our bags, boxes and baskets are made of natural materials and can be reused, recycled, and are compostable, our bottles and jars are made with recycled materials and are either, reusable or recyclable. A true eco-friendly and eco-conscious, 100% biodegradable line of bath & body care.

By Valenti Organics is Awarded CHAMPION by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Environmental Working Group

By Valenti Organics promises to always make our products with only natural ingredients without the need of unpronounceable, low grade or artificial ingredients. To eliminate carcinogens, mutagens, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petroleum, arsenic, lead, and any toxic reproductive ingredient. But we understand this promise has being broken thousands of times by unscrupulous companies who care about the bottom line rather than our health and the environment. That's why we've teamed with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of women's, consumer rights and environmental health organization dedicated to educate the consumer and guide men and women to shop for healthy skincare products and the Environmental Working Group. Over 1500 skin care companies signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics Act and only 321 met and surpassed the requirements, and with them us! We’ve surpassed many of our competitors setting up very high standards in the cosmetics industry and proving it is possible to make safe skin care products using only what nature has to offer.


  • Handcrafted in small batches using only organically grown ingredients to ensure freshness and that only good nature touches your skin.
  • Honesty and integrity, above all, a principle that goes into everything Valenti makes.
  • Tested only on humans, never on animals.
  • Cruelty-free (sorry but no, we don't endorse PETA as we don't believe killing 90% of the household pets they receive every year is humane in any way).
  • Pure Botanicals + Non-Toxic to preserve the environment while pampering your skin.
  • Thinking on the environment, that's why even our packaging is environmentally friendly.


  • Tested on animals, we are an animal friendly company.
  • Petroleum based ingredients.
  • Artificial colorants or fragrances.
  • GMO's.
  • Sulfates & detergents.
  • Phthalates.
  • Parabens.
  • Harmful preservatives

Our Mission

Driven by her vision of a cleaner healthier world, Valenti has applied the same principles from her life and art to her new line of bath & body products.

Our mission is very simple, make a difference in creating an eco-conscious hair and skin care line of products good for your body and mother earth using only plant based ingredients. It's a simple mission and a good one.

Manuela Valenti is a contemporary international artist, fashion model, entrepreneur & mother of three currently living in Michigan after traveling the world for her work. Valenti's original artwork is represented by prestigious galleries in the US and Europe. Counting with over 1500 private and corporate collectors worldwide Valenti is one of the most sought after artists in the US today. Since the founding of By Valenti Organics, Manuela became the first and only artist in the world to have her own bath & body line. In December of 2010, Manuela launched URBAN, the first and only artist designed Eau de Parfum in the world, made with only essential oils and organic alcohol.

For more information on Valenti's artwork please visit her online at www.manuelavalenti.com

For more information about By Valenti Organics or if you would like to interview Manuela Valenti, please contact us.


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