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Friday 05 July, 2013

The best truly natural and effective products I have ever tried in my life! No other company does what bvo does, no other!
Testimonial By: Maribela Sanchez — Conyers, GA, United States


Wednesday 30 January, 2013

I've had a very bad case of skin allergies ever since I can remember, so shopping for cosmetics and bath products is a difficult task for me. I've tried most of the natural brands, even organic certified brands without much success and some quite scary reactions.

I was introduced to by valenti about 2 years ago by a friend blogger and I've been using almost all their products ever since. All their soaps are gentle on my super delicate skin. The lavender body oil is my favorite of all. It smells divine and leaves my skin soft, moisturized and itch free all day long. The facial line is the best there is and it works!

Hands down by valenti organics is my brand for life! it has changed the way I care and see my own skin. My skin is healthier than ever and it shows! I keep getting compliments on my glowing radiant skin!

Thank you by valenti! You've made a positive impact on me and my life.
Testimonial By: Julia Ferner — Boulder, CO


Friday 27 April, 2012

I use all in the facial system (except haven't tried, but just ordered a clay mask) including the serums and creams. The Lavender products work wonderfully for my middle aged skin. This system is by far superior to any I have used prior! I chose Barista, as it's my favorite, but close second is the toner. My face truly thanks you, byvalenti~
Testimonial By: Lisa Vaughan — Baltimore, MD, United States

The best organic skin care company in the world!

Thursday 01 December, 2011

First of all I want to congratulate you for your award! this is definitely the reassurance you are a truly trustworthy organic company and in my book! not only you're the best of all the 321 that won the award given by the, you're the most transparent of all!

Many of the ones that won the champion award shouldn't be there at all! some use parabens, sulfates and even edta in their ingredients list and they got awarded?! those ingredients aren't safe at all! I'm glad to read you guys don't use any of those nasty ingredients at all and you truly make well balanced products that my skin love and can't get enough of!

Definitely you guys are THE BEST organic skin care company. By valenti organics is truly revolutionazing the skincare industry and leaving behind all those wannabe's.

Keep up the good work you guys do and show those giants safe skin care that truly works is possible!
Testimonial By: Jen — CA

all of them!

Monday 18 April, 2011

I just wanted to say I came across your brand not too long ago through the cosmetics database and after trying a few products here and there I ended up enamored with all of them. Just knowing that you truly pay attention to the ingredients you use and make sure they are natural speak volumes to me. Other brands started natural and now they have horrible scores on the cosmetics database because they switched to using chemical ingredients in their formulations. I hope you stay true to the core of your company. Love, love, love all the products I've tried so far. Your website is beautiful by the way!
Testimonial By: christina — los angeles, usa

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