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Black gold and oriental passion soaps

Saturday 01 January, 2011

I bought a soap from pangea organics thinking if it was made with natural ingredients it would be safe to use and it ended up burning my skin! i've tried many homemade soaps from a variety of etsy sellers and none lived to their reputation, they all left my skin dry and itchy.

So when I heard of Valenti products I was really hesitant to spend my hard earned cash on another soap that wouldn't live to my expectations, so I bought 2 sample sizes of black gold and oriental passion, at least I wouldn't have to spend too much in case they didn't work, but surprisingly they are really good and I highly recommend this two soaps! they're the best and i'm not trying any other brands ever again! this is it, by valenti is the brand for me an my family! From now on this are the soaps my entire family will use, i'm a 100% valenit client for life!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!!
Testimonial By: Malika — Chicago, USA

Urban Perfume

Tuesday 14 December, 2010

This perfume is divine! I've received compliments at work and my husband loves it. I feel sexy and mysterious with it and knowing it's made with completely natural essentials oils gives me piece of mind. I'm a costumer for life!!
Testimonial By: Alyssa — Los Angeles, CA

Castille for Dogs

Thursday 12 August, 2010

Did you know your castille soap can be used on dogs? I'm bathing my little dog with it and his coat has never looked so healthy. You should put that on your website.
Testimonial By: Sarah Jones

lavender body oil

Tuesday 10 August, 2010

I'm just buying the your new lavender and lime body oil along with many other of your lavender products. I've used your organic almond lavender soap and I just can't get enough of it, it's so good! I'm 100% certain your new body oils are going to exceed my expectations. Can't wait to get my package next week!

I love your products! you're not only a great artist but you nailed it with you body products. They are as you claim luxurious and exotic!!
Testimonial By: Maribela Sanchez — Albuquerque, NM, United States

3 white ladies

Sunday 13 June, 2010

What a lovely surprise! This smells so feminine, soft, jasmine like..very floral and highly scented!
Testimonial By: lori clark — dixon, KY, United States

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