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Berries & Cream Organic Soap

Saturday 05 September, 2009

Thank you Manuela for this fun soap, my kids love it! now I don't have to fight to get them to take a bath, I have to fight to get them out of the bath tub lol! but at least they are clean. Would you consider making a banana soap? my youngest one loves bananas. joanna
Testimonial By: Joanna — Miami, Florida, USA

Organic Berries and Cream Soap

Thursday 20 August, 2009

thank you for the soaps... my order arrived very quickly... the soap is much more than I was expecting... the smell is so good that it was making me hungry while taking a shower! it really smells like berries and cream, so sweet and inviting.... my 15 y/o daughter wanted to try it out and she loved it as well.... this is a really good product very soft to the skin... would definitely recommend. thanks.
Testimonial By: Mariah — Marietta, GA

Almond - Lavender

Wednesday 16 July, 2008

Dear Manuela, Thank you for creating such a splendid soap. Your lavender soap is awesome! Its silky smooth and it lathers quickly when I use it. I like the fragrance it leaves on me after I use it. It’s also amazingly long-lasting and I no longer want to use any other kind of soap. I have decided to bless everyone I know, friends, family and work colleagues with one of your soaps. I want to get the word out that your Lavender soap is truly a unique product. I love it and I know others will love it too! When you discover something wonderful, it makes you want to share that with everyone you know. I hope you continue to create even more sweet smelling soaps – in many different scents…
Testimonial By: Yvonne M. — Bronx, NY

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Sarah Jones says... Did you know your castille soap can be used on dogs? I'm bathing my little dog with it and his coat has never looked so healthy. You should put that on your website... Read More... Read more testimonies