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Berries & Cream Organic Soap

Saturday 05 September, 2009

Thank you Manuela for this fun soap, my kids love it! now I don't have to fight to get them to take a bath, I have to fight to get them out of the bath tub lol! but at least they are clean. Would you consider making a banana soap? my youngest one loves bananas. joanna
Testimonial By: Joanna — Miami, Florida, USA

Organic Berries and Cream Soap

Thursday 20 August, 2009

thank you for the soaps... my order arrived very quickly... the soap is much more than I was expecting... the smell is so good that it was making me hungry while taking a shower! it really smells like berries and cream, so sweet and inviting.... my 15 y/o daughter wanted to try it out and she loved it as well.... this is a really good product very soft to the skin... would definitely recommend. thanks.
Testimonial By: Mariah — Marietta, GA

Almond - Lavender

Wednesday 16 July, 2008

Dear Manuela, Thank you for creating such a splendid soap. Your lavender soap is awesome! Its silky smooth and it lathers quickly when I use it. I like the fragrance it leaves on me after I use it. It’s also amazingly long-lasting and I no longer want to use any other kind of soap. I have decided to bless everyone I know, friends, family and work colleagues with one of your soaps. I want to get the word out that your Lavender soap is truly a unique product. I love it and I know others will love it too! When you discover something wonderful, it makes you want to share that with everyone you know. I hope you continue to create even more sweet smelling soaps – in many different scents…
Testimonial By: Yvonne M. — Bronx, NY

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