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Friday 05 July, 2013

The best truly natural and effective products I have ever tried in my life! No other company does what bvo does, no other!
Testimonial By: Maribela Sanchez — Conyers, GA, United States


Wednesday 30 January, 2013

I've had a very bad case of skin allergies ever since I can remember, so shopping for cosmetics and bath products is a difficult task for me. I've tried most of the natural brands, even organic certified brands without much success and some quite scary reactions.

I was introduced to by valenti about 2 years ago by a friend blogger and I've been using almost all their products ever since. All their soaps are gentle on my super delicate skin. The lavender body oil is my favorite of all. It smells divine and leaves my skin soft, moisturized and itch free all day long. The facial line is the best there is and it works!

Hands down by valenti organics is my brand for life! it has changed the way I care and see my own skin. My skin is healthier than ever and it shows! I keep getting compliments on my glowing radiant skin!

Thank you by valenti! You've made a positive impact on me and my life.
Testimonial By: Julia Ferner — Boulder, CO


Friday 27 April, 2012

I use all in the facial system (except haven't tried, but just ordered a clay mask) including the serums and creams. The Lavender products work wonderfully for my middle aged skin. This system is by far superior to any I have used prior! I chose Barista, as it's my favorite, but close second is the toner. My face truly thanks you, byvalenti~
Testimonial By: Lisa Vaughan — Baltimore, MD, United States

The best organic skin care company in the world!

Thursday 01 December, 2011

First of all I want to congratulate you for your award! this is definitely the reassurance you are a truly trustworthy organic company and in my book! not only you're the best of all the 321 that won the award given by the, you're the most transparent of all!

Many of the ones that won the champion award shouldn't be there at all! some use parabens, sulfates and even edta in their ingredients list and they got awarded?! those ingredients aren't safe at all! I'm glad to read you guys don't use any of those nasty ingredients at all and you truly make well balanced products that my skin love and can't get enough of!

Definitely you guys are THE BEST organic skin care company. By valenti organics is truly revolutionazing the skincare industry and leaving behind all those wannabe's.

Keep up the good work you guys do and show those giants safe skin care that truly works is possible!
Testimonial By: Jen — CA

all of them!

Monday 18 April, 2011

I just wanted to say I came across your brand not too long ago through the cosmetics database and after trying a few products here and there I ended up enamored with all of them. Just knowing that you truly pay attention to the ingredients you use and make sure they are natural speak volumes to me. Other brands started natural and now they have horrible scores on the cosmetics database because they switched to using chemical ingredients in their formulations. I hope you stay true to the core of your company. Love, love, love all the products I've tried so far. Your website is beautiful by the way!
Testimonial By: christina — los angeles, usa

Black gold and oriental passion soaps

Saturday 01 January, 2011

I bought a soap from pangea organics thinking if it was made with natural ingredients it would be safe to use and it ended up burning my skin! i've tried many homemade soaps from a variety of etsy sellers and none lived to their reputation, they all left my skin dry and itchy.

So when I heard of Valenti products I was really hesitant to spend my hard earned cash on another soap that wouldn't live to my expectations, so I bought 2 sample sizes of black gold and oriental passion, at least I wouldn't have to spend too much in case they didn't work, but surprisingly they are really good and I highly recommend this two soaps! they're the best and i'm not trying any other brands ever again! this is it, by valenti is the brand for me an my family! From now on this are the soaps my entire family will use, i'm a 100% valenit client for life!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!!
Testimonial By: Malika — Chicago, USA

Urban Perfume

Tuesday 14 December, 2010

This perfume is divine! I've received compliments at work and my husband loves it. I feel sexy and mysterious with it and knowing it's made with completely natural essentials oils gives me piece of mind. I'm a costumer for life!!
Testimonial By: Alyssa — Los Angeles, CA

Castille for Dogs

Thursday 12 August, 2010

Did you know your castille soap can be used on dogs? I'm bathing my little dog with it and his coat has never looked so healthy. You should put that on your website.
Testimonial By: Sarah Jones

lavender body oil

Tuesday 10 August, 2010

I'm just buying the your new lavender and lime body oil along with many other of your lavender products. I've used your organic almond lavender soap and I just can't get enough of it, it's so good! I'm 100% certain your new body oils are going to exceed my expectations. Can't wait to get my package next week!

I love your products! you're not only a great artist but you nailed it with you body products. They are as you claim luxurious and exotic!!
Testimonial By: Maribela Sanchez — Albuquerque, NM, United States

3 white ladies

Sunday 13 June, 2010

What a lovely surprise! This smells so feminine, soft, jasmine like..very floral and highly scented!
Testimonial By: lori clark — dixon, KY, United States

decadent daaqrk raw chocolate

Monday 29 March, 2010

This smells just like it says..deep, raw chocolate, like a chocolate factory. Looks so tasty with its "chocolate chips on top..a way for you to relax and indulge without the guilt :)
Testimonial By: lori clark — dixon, KY, United States

Rustic Almond Lavendar

Sunday 21 February, 2010

Best soap ever. I've tried several different kinds offered by BV and I love them all. Plus, if not left in the shower to melt away, they last a very long time. I recommend the cedar wood soap dishes. I swear by mine.
Testimonial By: Jelaine Faunce — Henderson, NV, United States

Cappuccino Soap

Sunday 17 January, 2010

Every winter I get a really bad case of chapped skin in my hands and face. I live in Montana and the winter here can be pretty hard. It is so horrible that the skin on my hands literally cracks and bleeds. It's not only extremely painful but embarrassing to the point I use gloves practically all day. I've tried many lotions over the years and even baby oil but nothing seems to work. I've even used prescription lotions with little results. I saw you on twitter and wanted to try your soap, so I bought one bar of the cappuccino one before the holidays to see if this would truly help as you say, and to my surprise it did. I don't know what magic formula you have in your soap but this is the first winter my hands didn't crack. My skin is softer and truly moisturized all day long like I never felt it before.

Anyways, just wanted to email you to thank you and to let you know I'm not only impressed with your soap, but from now on I'm not using anything else.


Testimonial By: Karen

Rustic Organic Lavender

Friday 04 December, 2009

I got my order of the Rustic Organic Lavender Almond Soap yesterday and of course couldn’t wait to try it out. I took a shower thinking this was going to be just like the other handmade soaps I’ve bought before and I was wrong, this soap is really amazing!! I couldn’t believe it as I’ve tried handmade soaps before and they never delivered what they claimed, either they were too soft and didn’t clean or too hard and instead they dried my skin even more or they disintegrate in one shower, but this one is all and more what’s on the description. The soap lathers richly, not only that, the fragrance if subtle not overwhelming like other homemade soaps yet it left a great spring aroma on my skin, but the most important thing for me is that it didn’t dry my skin, totally the opposite! it left my skin so moisturized that I didn’t have to shower in lotion like I always do after a shower. And best, I still have soap! it didn’t disintegrate in one use! Can’t wait to try the almond coconut, placing my order now.

You have a client for life here! I will recommend this soap to all my friends.

Thank you for sharing with the world your formula of the most amazing handmade soap. Just like your slogan I will not use anything else for my skin from now on.
Testimonial By: Michelle — Alberta, Canada

Organic Chamomile Soap

Wednesday 02 December, 2009

Your chamomile soap is the best one I've tried so far. I've tried other soaps of this kind but wasn't too impressed with them. I'm addicted to chamomile I confess, and it seems I'll be addicted to this soap. Great product people! try it out!
Testimonial By: Michael Derek — Detroit, MI

Almond Coconut

Thursday 22 October, 2009

Hi there! I have to say to everyone reading this, that thiswas the most fantastic soap I’ve ever tried. Great customer service and really fast shipping, a really good experience. You have to try the delicious almond coconut soap, it is such great soap. Thank you so much!
Testimonial By: Hannah — NY, NY


Monday 12 October, 2009

I truly recommend everyone to buy this soap!! you kids will have so much fun with it! it smells delicious and is soft on my babies skin. Definitely a great soap.
Testimonial By: ana maria — atlanta, georgia


Wednesday 07 October, 2009

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! your chamomile soap has helped me a lot!…………. I’ve been dealing with skin irritation after I had my son 2 years ago. Never before I suffered from the skin so I went to the dermatologist about a year ago and nothing he prescribed has worked. I’ve tried all over the counter lotions I could possibly get my hands on and nothing! nothing works! until I tried your soap…….. the first time I tried it on my hands it left my hands soft I could feel and see the difference in my hands in just one application so I used it in my next shower and I felt refreshed it stopped the itchines in just one shower!!!……… I’ve used it for 5 days already and I can see my skin is starting to heal. I don’t feel itchy anymore and I touch my skin and it doesn’t feel like sandpaper anylonger. The half bar I bought is still in my shower after 5 heavy showers, and here I am leaving a feedback not only because I truly believe in your product because I’ve used it with great results but because I’m buying more of that chamomile soap! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! you have saved my skin!
Testimonial By: Rossanne — Houston, TX USA

Almond-Lavender, Berries & Cream, Watermelon, and Almond-Coconut

Saturday 03 October, 2009

I'm fully addicted to these soaps! I don't even wanna buy the regular soap we've been using anymore. These soaps are so gentle to my skin I can't even describe the sensation I feel when I shower. Every time I need to moisturize my hands I just wash them, how cool is that!! I definitely recommend this product. Wishing you much success and off to pre order the japanese green tea, can't wait to try that one out.

Testimonial By: Rachel — Orlando, Florida

Mini Organic Delicious Almond Coconut

Saturday 12 September, 2009

I live in LA. Got the buzz from a friend of mine who saw your company on twitter and I decided to give you a try. I bought the mini organic delicious almond-coconut. The shopping experience was a breeze, add to cart, click checkout, pay and ready. I wish you could accept credit cards not with paypal but like other online stores, with the secure shopping cart and all, but either way it was easy to pay with paypal. The notifications came right away which I find really important when I shop online. The package arrived really fast which I also value a lot. I asked for priority mail and I got priority mail, not a equivalent like other stores. I opened the package and found this little very cutely decorated bar of soap which really impressed me, not only that as I opened the package the scent came out, not too strong not too little, just the perfect amount of scent. I tried the soap immediately to wash my hands and was really impressed. The soap was really soft on my skin and yet it cleaned, but the part I enjoyed the most was how my skin felt after I dried my hands, it was moisturized and soft, I don’t get that sensation even after I apply my almond lotion. I tried the soap in the shower and same thing, it left my skin really moisturized. Didn’t apply my lotion after the shower to see if the sensation would remain and I’m happy to say it did! I spent the entire day feeling my skin refreshed, clean and most of all moisturized. This is a really great soap and I’m glad my friend told me about it. I’m placing my order for more mini, square and round soaps. I’ll recommend your products to all my friends. Thank you. Kim
Testimonial By: Kim Baker — LA, California

Berries & Cream Organic Soap

Saturday 05 September, 2009

Thank you Manuela for this fun soap, my kids love it! now I don't have to fight to get them to take a bath, I have to fight to get them out of the bath tub lol! but at least they are clean. Would you consider making a banana soap? my youngest one loves bananas. joanna
Testimonial By: Joanna — Miami, Florida, USA

Organic Berries and Cream Soap

Thursday 20 August, 2009

thank you for the soaps... my order arrived very quickly... the soap is much more than I was expecting... the smell is so good that it was making me hungry while taking a shower! it really smells like berries and cream, so sweet and inviting.... my 15 y/o daughter wanted to try it out and she loved it as well.... this is a really good product very soft to the skin... would definitely recommend. thanks.
Testimonial By: Mariah — Marietta, GA

Almond - Lavender

Wednesday 16 July, 2008

Dear Manuela, Thank you for creating such a splendid soap. Your lavender soap is awesome! Its silky smooth and it lathers quickly when I use it. I like the fragrance it leaves on me after I use it. It’s also amazingly long-lasting and I no longer want to use any other kind of soap. I have decided to bless everyone I know, friends, family and work colleagues with one of your soaps. I want to get the word out that your Lavender soap is truly a unique product. I love it and I know others will love it too! When you discover something wonderful, it makes you want to share that with everyone you know. I hope you continue to create even more sweet smelling soaps – in many different scents…
Testimonial By: Yvonne M. — Bronx, NY

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Lisa Vaughan from Baltimore, MD says... I use all in the facial system (except haven't tried, but just ordered a clay mask) including the serums and creams. The Lavender products work wonderfully for my middle aged skin... Read More... Read more testimonies