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Our Partners

At By Valenti Organics we've teamed with some of the best organizations that are making a big difference in the way we live and shop. Pay a visit to their websites to learn more.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
By Valenti Organics has signed The Compact for Safe Cosmetics Act along with many other brands which are making a difference in the cosmetics and skin care industry. Valenti our CEO and Founder has been a personal victim of toxic cosmetics and skincare products, the same ones that have harmed her skin throughout her entire life. That's the reason she created her line of natural & organic skin care. So when she heard about The Compact for Safe Cosmetics Act she immediately contacted this fabulous team to sign this important act that will change the way large cosmetic manufacturers and corporation create their products.

By Valenti Organics was awarded CHAMPION by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Environmental Working Group. Learn more...
The Environmental Working Group
By Valenti Organics was recognized by the Environmental Working Group as one of the safest skin care lines.
  The Leaping Bunny
By Valenti Organics signed the pledge! We've being certified Cruelty Free company by the LeapingBunny.org. Look for us on their Cruelty Free Shopping Guide.