Wedding Favors

Getting married? let us help! We have the best fresh and luxurious wedding favors that will leave your guests wanting to celebrate with you even more!

Whether you're looking for something unique like Bath Bombs or a more traditional wedding favor like any of our Fabulous Soaps we can help make your wedding a little bit more memorable.

We can work almost any theme you can possibly think of! Our graphic design team will work closely with you and your wedding planner to design the perfect favors for your wedding.

Are you ready to start? Contact us to get you started!


Yvonne M. from Bronx, NY says... Dear Manuela, Thank you for creating such a splendid soap. Your lavender soap is awesome! Its silky smooth and it lathers quickly when I use it. I like the fragrance it leaves on me after I use it. It’s also amazingly long-lasting and... Read More... Read more testimonies