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3 Steps Morning & Night BVO Facial System

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BVO's basic morning & night Facial System.

Set Includes

  • 1 foaming cleanser, a simple yet rich morning cleanser designed to remove excess oil, leftover makeup and moisturizers without stripping the skin from its natural beauty.
  • 1 makeup remover, potent yet gentle night cleanser to completely remove makeup.
  • 1 facial toner, one of the most overlooked steps yet one of the most important ones! Our facial toners are formulated with the three basic types of skin, oily, dry and normal. All of them gentle on the skin, remove anything that was left behind from Step 1 and 2 of our Facial System, balance, replenish and prepares the skin for the optimal absorption of moisturizers.
  • 1 facial lotion, light-weight and rich moisturizing lotion.
  • 1 100% cotton facial towel free (towel colors may vary).

For a full list of ingredients, please review the ingredients list on each of the products. All products in this set can be located in the skincare category.

Cleanser Step 1 Morning Beauty Routine. Apply 2-3 pumps of foam on wet skin and gently massage in circular motion throughout entire face and neck. Rinse with warm water, pat dry. Continue with Step 2 or 3 of our 4 Steps Facial System. Use daily on morning beauty routine.

Makeup Remover Step 1 Night Beauty Routine. Apply 1-2 pumps of makeup remover onto a cotton ball. Gently massage product in circular motion throughout entire face and neck to completely remove all makeup paying special attention to eyes, until all makeup is completely removed. Continue with Step 2 or 3 of our Facial System. Use daily on night beauty routine.

Toner Step 3 Morning and Night Beauty Routine. Shake well before use. Apply after cleanser or makeup remover. Moist a cotton pad with 2-3 pumps of toner and apply over face and neck using circular motion, avoiding eyes. If prefer, can be also sprayed directly on face. With mouth and eyes closed, spray 1-2 times and remove with a clean cotton ball or towel. Continue with Step 4 of our facial treatment.

Facial Lotion Step 4 Morning and Night Beauty Routine. Apply a few drops of lotion on entire face, neck and decollete after Step 3 - Toner, gently massaging until fully absorbed. Use twice a day on morning and night beauty routine for younger and radiant skin.

Disclaimer: As with any product, if irritation occurs, discontinue using and consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes, rinse with fresh water. Do not swallow.

I have to admit I was skeptical when I first bough the BVO facial system. I thought this was going to be another hippie company making hippie products, but this is not the case. These products work! I've been using the system for over a month now twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed, and my skin has never looked so radiant and healthy. I get lots of compliments at work, and I love that! I'm in my 30's with oily acne prone skin in some areas and dry skin in others. The product that I just love the most is the facial lotion. It's refreshing, and it's balanced my skin. The dry areas in my face are not dry and flaky anymore. The excess oil is under control and I don't breakout as often anymore. I also like the foaming cleanser, it's gentle and does the job. It deeply cleans my skin leaving it very soft. I love the system is made with natural ingredients. Definitely natural & balanced works! Thank you By Valenti!
Date Added: 04/27/2012 by Audrie