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Carrot, Grapefruit & Egyptian Geranium Rose, Hand & Body Lotion


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  • SKU-BL0002 | 237 ml | 8 fl oz
  • Average Rating: 4.8 of 5 4.8 of 5 Stars!

Completely reformulated!

A lightweight Body Lotion that provides extraordinary moisturizing & humectant properties, specifically formulated to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, moisturize and soften your skin the natural way. With NO parabens, NO GMOs, NO sulfates, NO phthalates, NO artificial nothing, packed with only powerful natural anti-oxidants, Betacarotene from Carrots, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The extra vitamin C and E aids in the natural production of collagen and elastin, helping restore the youthful appearance of your skin. Calming and balancing with the elegant floral aroma of Egyptian geranium rose and grapefruit essential oil.

Purified Water, ECOCERT Approved (Plant Derived Glyceryl Stearate, Plant Derived Cetearyl Alcohol, Plant Derived Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate), Denatured Organic Alcohol (Organic Grain Ethanol denatured w/Organic Lavender) used as a natural preservative, Vitamin E (Natural Mixed Plant Derived Tocopherol), Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Gel, Plant Derived Stearic Acid, Organic Soybean (Soja hispida) Oil, Organic Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Oil, Organic Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil, Organic Sesame (Sesamum indicum) Oil, Organic Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) EO, Organic Orange (Citrus sinensis) EO, Potassium Sorbate, Leucidal (Plant derived preservative - Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate) Organic Geranium Rose (Pelargonium graveolens) EO, Organic Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) EO, Organic Carrot (Daucus Carota) EO, Organic Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) EO, Vitamin C (Natural Plant Derived L-ascorbic acid), Citric Acid.

EO = Essential Oil
Organic = Certified Organic
ECOCERT = EU Approved for Certified Organic

*Contains 9.22% Certified Organic Ingredients

For best results and for a full day of protection apply after a warm shower or bath. A little goes a long way. Massage to allow active ingredients to penetrate on skin. Use daily for radiant looking skin.

Hands down the best lotion I have ever used!!!! It's silky, it smells great and I love the fact the ingredients are all natural and organic. You can feel this lotion feeding your skin and leaving it smooth like a baby's bottom! No greasy feeling and I don't need to reapply every few hours. I head out of the shower, slather it on and I know I'll have a full 24 hours moisture protection. Perfection!
Date Added: 11/06/2013 by Jada
This stuff really works!!!!!! Never has my skin felt so supple and looked so good!! I love the scent, I love how smooth and silky it feels and how quickly it's absorbed. No oily residue just perfection! Thank you by valenti! MM
Date Added: 02/07/2013 by Michaela
I have a love affair with this lotion! Not only it WORKS my skin can't get enough of it!! it's healthy food for my entire body. It relieves my dry skin instantly and it literally lasts all day. It absorbs quickly and you can "feel it" working, the difference is noticeable in just one application. I couldn't believe it until I tried it. I've been using it for 4 months and no more dry feet, elbows and knees for me, and the scent? I love it!! by valenti organics is the real deal when it comes to skin care. Read the ingredients everything is natural and organic. I've never loved a lotion like I love this one, and I've never had the beautiful radiant soft skin I now have and all thanks to this lotion. Thank you so much for this wonderful product! You've saved my skin!
Date Added: 07/25/2012 by Eloise M.
This lotion saved my damaged, super dry, ugly, cracked skin !!!!!! BEST LOTION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!
Date Added: 11/11/2013 by Caroline
Didn't love the complex olfactory experience at first (pure essence oils). But now, I'm addicted. Why? My body craves this stuff because it works; the real relief from dry skin is now correlated to the smell and my body simply relaxes every evening when I apply the lotion. I've even used it on my face (when I'm lazy), and it's excellent there too! I am an avid gardener (hands) and lap swim daily so I know only too well when a product doesn't do the job (sits on top of the skin or gives a false nice 'feel' with no real benefit to the skin). By Valenti has figured out body lotion for real skin care; this stuff truly FEEDS the skin. Even my heels are supple again---and that's saying something because I shun socks as a rule (socks are evil---who's with me?!). Kudos to By Valenti for a great product!
Date Added: 05/20/2011 by Denise L.