Complete BVO Morning & Night Facial System

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I've being using this facial system for about 3 months now and my skin looks smooth, healthy and I find myself not using as much makeup as I used to. With the system I got the foaming cleanser, the mandarin toner and the black mud masque. I have to say this is the best facial system I have ever tried. All the products are super rich not watered down and they truly work. I've followed all the steps that come with the system. The facial and the eye lotions are the best! They feel silky, smell nice and they've taken care of my little fine lines. The black lava mud mask has by leaps exceeded my expectations. I use it once a week because that's all my skin needs and all the pimples are gone. If I get a breakout I use the mask and I know the next day it's gone. I get compliments for my skin at work and even my boyfriend has noticed the difference. My skin looks good, I just couldn't be happier! Thank you By Valenti Organics for these amazing high quality products! Your products have brought back the skin I used to have. You have a client for life!
Date Added: 02/28/2013 by Jenna