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TRUE Castile - Sapone d'oliva - Bar Soap
[SOAP0002 | 128 g | 4.5 oz]


My God this soap is THE BEST!!! Creamy and gentle on my skin. I use it on my face as well as a cleanser and to remove make-up. It leaves my skin clean without drying it. Just an amazing soap! this is the real deal! I've tried other castile soaps but none of them are pure and they dry my skin, they all contain coconut oil and whatnot but like you say those are not real castile soaps. Castile soap is made with only olive oil and nothing more, I've done my research. Imitations shouldn't be allowed to be called castile soap. It's just like champagne, if it's not made in the champagne region of france it can't be called champagne. If it's not made with 100% olive oil of the best quality it shouldn't be called castile soap. Knowing that this soap is made with organic olive oil is a plus! Well done!
Date Added: 01/23/2012 by Carol