Carrot, Grapefruit & Egyptian Geranium Rose, Hand & Body Lotion
[BL0002 | 237 ml | 8 fl oz]


Didn't love the complex olfactory experience at first (pure essence oils). But now, I'm addicted. Why? My body craves this stuff because it works; the real relief from dry skin is now correlated to the smell and my body simply relaxes every evening when I apply the lotion. I've even used it on my face (when I'm lazy), and it's excellent there too! I am an avid gardener (hands) and lap swim daily so I know only too well when a product doesn't do the job (sits on top of the skin or gives a false nice 'feel' with no real benefit to the skin). By Valenti has figured out body lotion for real skin care; this stuff truly FEEDS the skin. Even my heels are supple again---and that's saying something because I shun socks as a rule (socks are evil---who's with me?!). Kudos to By Valenti for a great product!
Date Added: 05/20/2011 by Denise L.