Choco-Coco White Solid Solar Screen (Sunscreen) SPF30+
[SS0001 | 113 g | 4 oz]


I bought this sunscreen in pink, white and the yellow, and they have been the best! My daughter loves the colored sunscreens on her face, and I love the fact she didn't get burned. We just came back from our tropical vacation, and we were warned not to use chemical sunscreens because of the damage they cause to the coral reefs, so I was really glad I had these three in my bag. We spent all day at the beach and just had to apply the sunscreen twice. This stuff doesn't come off that easily, so you're protected for longer, and is like they say, rub it a little and the color goes away, perfect for us adults. We came back from our week long vacation without sunburn and very soft skin. Thank you for these great products. I will recommend to all my family and friends.
Date Added: 07/12/2012 by Monica P.