Choco-Coco White Solid Solar Screen (Sunscreen) SPF30+
[SS0001 | 113 g | 4 oz]


My husband and I put this sunscreen to the test and it passed with flying colors!!!! We're both mountain bikers and enjoy the outdoors a little too much I must say. Being all day under the sun we needed a good susncreen to protect us, but since we travel to remove pristine locations, all the products we use must be environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Another requirement is that any sunscreen has to be waterproof since we sweat like pigs and like to splash water during breaks. So after doing our research we found this By Valenti sunscreen and we decided to try it out. I have to say I'm impressed at the list of ingredients on this sunscreen. Everything in it is absolutely natural and organic. My husband got the white and I got the yellow, to match my bike and my outfit. We applied the sunscreen as per the instructions. My husband rubbed it to make the white color disappear all over and I only left 2 stripes of color on my cheeks. After about an hour of ridding our bikes we stopped and checked to see if the sunscreen had left us, and it didn't. To my surprise the sunscreen was still there despite the profuse sweating. No burning or redness of the skin either so that meant we weren't getting sunburned. We decided to reapply since the instructions recommend to reapply after 40 minutes or so, so we did. We kept ridding for about 2 more hours, and during a break we checked again. The sunscreen was still visible in our skin. My arms were not even remotely getting any color and the 2 yellow stripes on my face where still there. After our day on the bikes we got home, took a shower and no sunburn whatsoever. Not only that both my husband and I noticed how moisturized our skins were. This sunscreen not only truly protects from the UVA and UVB rays but it also moisturizes leaving the skin soft and hydrated. This is a product I absolutely recommend. We found the perfect match for our life style. Thank you byvalenti!
Date Added: 08/25/2012 by Maura