Choco-Coco White Solid Solar Screen (Sunscreen) SPF30+
[SS0001 | 113 g | 4 oz]


If there were 10 stars I woul d give them to this product!
THE BEST SUNSCREEN EVER!!!!!! The others on the market are just crap compare to this one!!!
This stuff stays on for much longer even when you're swimming or sweating so you don't burn!
I love the yellow and pink and I love that I can leave the color on or just rub a little and the color disappears.
Yo-u know how you get itchy after a day at the beach? Well, with this sunscreen there is no aftersun itch at all! This thing moisturizes the skin so much, that what you're left with is baby soft skin!
I'm not buying any other sunscreens ever! This is my number 1 summer must product hands down!!!
Thank you byvalenti for your amazing products!!
Date Added: 06/21/2013 by Virgie