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Lavender & Calendula Diaper Balm
[BBU0005 | 85 g | 3 oz]

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This is such an amazing product! I was gifted a basket with all Valenti Organics products for me and my newborn girl. While still at the hospital she developed a somewhat bad diaper rash. So I asked the doctor if I could use the balm on her. He looked at the ingredients and said go ahead. The rash went down in a matter of days. By the time we got out of the hospital, 3 days later, it was almost completely gone. My baby is now 3 months old and whenever I see some redness on her bottom I immediately apply the balm and it goes away in less than a day. I'm really impressed with this product and the others I got.
Date Added: 10/27/2015 by Emily M.