Cappuccino Soap

Sunday 17 January, 2010

Every winter I get a really bad case of chapped skin in my hands and face. I live in Montana and the winter here can be pretty hard. It is so horrible that the skin on my hands literally cracks and bleeds. It's not only extremely painful but embarrassing to the point I use gloves practically all day. I've tried many lotions over the years and even baby oil but nothing seems to work. I've even used prescription lotions with little results. I saw you on twitter and wanted to try your soap, so I bought one bar of the cappuccino one before the holidays to see if this would truly help as you say, and to my surprise it did. I don't know what magic formula you have in your soap but this is the first winter my hands didn't crack. My skin is softer and truly moisturized all day long like I never felt it before.

Anyways, just wanted to email you to thank you and to let you know I'm not only impressed with your soap, but from now on I'm not using anything else.


Testimonial By: Karen

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