Rustic Organic Lavender

Friday 04 December, 2009

I got my order of the Rustic Organic Lavender Almond Soap yesterday and of course couldn’t wait to try it out. I took a shower thinking this was going to be just like the other handmade soaps I’ve bought before and I was wrong, this soap is really amazing!! I couldn’t believe it as I’ve tried handmade soaps before and they never delivered what they claimed, either they were too soft and didn’t clean or too hard and instead they dried my skin even more or they disintegrate in one shower, but this one is all and more what’s on the description. The soap lathers richly, not only that, the fragrance if subtle not overwhelming like other homemade soaps yet it left a great spring aroma on my skin, but the most important thing for me is that it didn’t dry my skin, totally the opposite! it left my skin so moisturized that I didn’t have to shower in lotion like I always do after a shower. And best, I still have soap! it didn’t disintegrate in one use! Can’t wait to try the almond coconut, placing my order now.

You have a client for life here! I will recommend this soap to all my friends.

Thank you for sharing with the world your formula of the most amazing handmade soap. Just like your slogan I will not use anything else for my skin from now on.
Testimonial By: Michelle — Alberta, Canada

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