Announcement: Website Upgrade.

This weekend March 19-20, we upgraded our website to fix the issues many of you have been experiencing. Here's what you will expect going forward:

  • New and improved shopping experience.
  • New Guest Checkout.
  • Drop down menu.
  • Streamlined information throughout.
  • Product reviews.
  • One page checkout.
  • Digital receipts.

New and improved shopping experience.

Shopping @byvalentiorganics got easier and simpler. With few simple click or taps — for those of you shopping from your phones — from pull-down selections, check boxes or radio buttons, it's now easier to add the product sizes and colors to your shopping bag.

New guest checkout.

No need for an account to shop @byvalentiorganics. The option to checkout as a guest has been included. Although this featured can be convenient, it has its limitations. Customers using this feature can no longer login to access their accounts, see past orders, use or send e-gift certificates funds to friends and family, print additional order reviews, nor leave product reviews. All these features require to register an account.

Customers can always gain access to their guest orders by registering an account with the same email address used to place orders on our website.

Drop down menu.

We aren't fans of drop down menus, but most of you are. On both the mobile and desktop versions we've added pull-out and drop-down menus to access our product categories more easily. We've also added new categories to streamline your purchase experience and find the products you need faster.

Streamlined information throughout.

There's 15 years of valuable information throughout our website and blog, and we know it can be overwhelming sometimes to find what you're looking for. So we simplified things a bit throughout without limiting access to it. Most of it can be easily accessed via the menus atop and bottom of any of the pages on our site. And if you need something, we're just a chat away. Just clicking or tapping that little lavender bubble on the right side of any of the pages on our store will send one of our hero team members to help you out.

Product reviews.

We've had 15 years of product reviews most of which were not showing! Thousands of your comments, praises and star reviews were not missing from the site, they were just hiding from it. The database handling this was a bit unwell causing the problem. Unfortunately that means hours of manual labor fixing the corrupted data on thousands of reviews, so that will take a bit to show on our site.

New reviews moving forward will show just fine, is only years prior that need to be fixed. Keep visiting your favorite products for their updates on their reviews.

One page checkout.

We get it! Our lives are super complicated lately, and the least we spend checking out our favorite products the better! Our website now offers one page checkout as a registered customer or guest. Everything you need under one page. Enter your info, select your shipping option, add a payment, place your order and done.

Digital receipts

Digital receipts are available for both guests and registered customers after checkout. Registered customers can reprint, download or email their receipts at any time.

If you're one of beloved customers you know we don't include a receipt with your order. That extra paper isn't needed and 99% of the time ends up in the trash. So to reduce waste — and saving some trees in the process — we decided back in 2008 to not include receipts with any order.

What has been removed from our website.

We have temporarily suspended our long time Rewards Program. All the points earned while enrolled in this program, will be awarded in the form of e-Gift Certificates that can be used to make purchases on our website.

Points earned will be converted to e-Gift Certificates at the same rate and will be available in your account in the next few days.

We do not have a set date for our Rewards Program to return, but as soon as it does you will be first one to know.

Issues we're still working on fixing.

One of the persistent issues we had for the past year, caused some of the product reviews to display with random characters in them, display in the wrong products or as it happened in the majority of the thousands of reviews we've received over the years, to not display at all on the front end of the website. This problem was caused due to data and file corruption.

We have fixed the system that handles all the product reviews entries and we're currently in the process of cleaning up 15 years of product reviews so they can properly display as intended. This is a manual time consuming labor intense process. During this process you will see some of our old time products displaying 0 or fewer reviews. As we process all this data, these reviews will start updating. If you don't see the review you wrote on the product, please check back at a later date. We will notify everyone once this data has been successfully uploaded.

If you should need assistance we are just a click away!