English Rose Garden Milk Bath Salt

3 New Gorgeous Milk Bath Salts right on time for Valentine’s Day

Last week we soft unveiled our 3 New & GORGEOUS! Milk Bath Salts on Instagram: California Wildflower Meadow Milk Bath Salts, English Rose Garden Milk Bath Salts (my favorite! ssh, don’t tell anyone) and French Lavender Fields Milk Bath Salts, right on time for the Valentine’s Day rush, and orders haven’t stopped poring in!

Each and everyone with a distinct, very feminine and delicate fragrance, all three packed with a delicious blend of salts from around the world, to soften and replenish, exquisite selection of dried flower petals, for a luxurious spa-like bath, goat’s milk for the most exotic, Egyptian Queen style milk bath, scented with just the best essential oils, and free, as always, of toxic chemicals.

The perfect gift to celebrate this romantic day with your significant other, or with yourself!

The benefits.

The lactic acid in goat’s milk acts as a mild alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant, helping smooth skin’s texture, and ridding it of dry patches.

Each blend contains proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals to nourishing the skin.

Full relaxation and reduced inflammation. The milk and the magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) will calm inflammation, and muscle soreness.

Just add a couple tablespoons to a warm water filled bathtub and soak for 15-30 minutes. Follow with any of our body oils to seal in moisture.

Grab yours before they’re gone! SHOP BY VALENTI MILK BATH SALTS

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