Autumn Skincare Routine and the Importance of a Good Diet.

With every change of season, just like our summer wardrobe changes, we need to change our skincare routine as well. Many spring/summer must have products, don’t quite work when the cold weather rolls in.

For me is bringing back aqueous lotions and serums and reduce the use of oils and balms; minimize the use of mud or clay based masks and instead increase the use of my old time favorite one, the formula that cured my horrendous acne back in the 1980’s Honey & Lime Facial Scrubbing Mask.

As the cold months approach, we tend to drink less water, and consume less fresh vegetables and fruits, mostly because these are out of season, whilst adding more calorie heavy foods to our diets. This is written in our DNA, at least for those of us with cold weather ancestry. During the cold months, our body triggers a response instructing us to crave heavier fatty foods to help us withstand the cold months ahead.

Our genetic code determines not only our height, weight, skin color, eye color and overall external appearance, it also determines the diseases, and health conditions we’re most likely to suffer from, and how our skin and hair react to weather changes. Combined with the foods we consume during those cold months, our complexion is altered, sometimes in dramatic ways.

It is during the cold months that I try to be more aware of the foods I consume and my water intake. But additionally I also change my skincare routine to compensate for that cold dry air that has the tendency to wipe the life out of my skin.

My Autumn Cleansers

Cleansing is a must no matter the weather. It’s the first step and the one that will determine the condition of your skin, as it’s the one in charge of removing not only environmental dirt and makeup, but bacteria and even the viruses stuck on the makeup-sebum mix stuck on the skin at the end of a long day.

For my night regimen I use our by valenti ORGANICS Double Cleansing Set, which contains a mild non-comedogenic oil cleanser/makeup remover our by valenti ORGANICS Olive Facial Cleansing Oil, and our by valenti ORGANICS Bulgarian Lavender & Mandarin Facial Foaming Cleanser, a mild non-comedogenic foaming natural soap base cleanser in charge of gently removing excess oils, pathogens, dirt and particles, left behind from the oil cleansing step.

For my morning regimen and to wake my skin up, I do a first cleansing in the shower with by valenti ORGANICS Black Lava Bar Soap. This soap wipes out any pimple trying to show up and keeps my contact dermatitis at bay so I don’t scratch my skin off. After the shower I apply our by valenti ORGANICS Bulgarian Lavender & Mandarin Facial Foaming Cleanser as the first step in my morning beauty ritual.

My Autumn Toner

Yes! The most overlooked product by almost every woman! TONERS! They’re the ones that bring that hydration back, partially removed from the cleansing steps, sometimes disinfect, but most importantly they’re in charge of preparing the skin for the better absorption of all those rich moisturizers and serums to do their job.

For my morning and night regimens the one I love using is our by valenti ORGANICS Roses & Hibiscus with Niacinamide Facial Toner for Dry Skin. Dry rose and red hibiscus petals are slowly and gently steeped at a controlled temperature, creating a floral infused tea rich in phytochemicals, skin loving vitamins and nutrients, which is later combined with hydrosols from these two plants and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to provide the skin with a super hydration boost, helps build keratin, a type of protein responsible for keeping skin firm and healthy, ceramide protection, reduce pore size, whilst keeping acne and eczema at bay minimizing redness and inflammation.

By Valenti Organics. Luxurious. Exotic. All Natural Skincare.

And I know what you’re going to say, “but Manuela, your skin isn’t dry, it’s oily, why are you using a product that’s intended for dry skin?”, the reason is because my skin, as it happens to many women and men around the world, during the cold autumn-winter months converts to dry skin, not only due to external changes (climate and weather conditions) but because of internal changes (not enough hydration and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, and increase in calorie heavy foods, medication, etc.).

Many including dermatologists, estheticians and cosmetologists, “label” the skin to be either dry, oily or a combination of both, and this is fine for the most part. However the fact is our skin changes constantly, and we need to learn to listen to its needs, rather than continue applying the same products hoping the 10th application will make a difference, when the previous 9 didn’t work.

Listen to what your skin is telling you and adjust your beauty products.

My Autumn Moisturizers & Serums

During the summer months, and because of the heat, I tend to stay hydrated without thinking too much about it, or reminding myself I need to drink more water. The consumption of the fresh fruits and vegetables coming out of the vegetable boxes in my garden also help in keeping my skin hydrated and nourished. Eating a tomato just picked from the plant still warm from that morning sun is the best for me! In return my skin is pretty hydrated and plumped. But as the cold season kicks in, as I found out, I tend not to be so thirsty and quite often forget to keep hydrated, which makes my skin suffer. To prevent my skin from starving from moisture and nutrients, I add nutrient rich serums and lotions to compensate.

For both my morning and night routine my most favorite serum, is our by valenti ORGANICS Roses & Hibiscus, Hyaluronic and Niacinamide Super Hydrating Light Serum. Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide add even more hydration to the top layers of the skin, which I then seal with just the right amount of oils and extra nutrients from our by valenti ORGANICS Lavender, Mandarin & Lemongrass Anti-Aging Facial Lotion. The Organic Licorice Root Extract in this facial lotion helps in removing those dark spots we tend to suffer from as we age, bonus points if you ask me.

My Favorite Autumn Facial Mask

Once or twice a week I take 20-30 minutes to give myself an extra pampering, by applying my favorite family recipe Honey & Lime Facial Scrubbing Mask. Facial masks are to be applied in between Cleansers and Toners applications to be most effective.

I’m sure by now you think there is no way you can do all this for your skin, or it takes too much to apply all this in the morning and night, but let me tell you it’s worth the effort. Beautiful skin, or the beautiful skin of our younger days, goes away rather fast if we don’t care for it when it’s still in its prime days. By our mid 20’s and early 30’s we start seeing changes if we don’t address might become permanent. With practice and a bit of discipline this becomes like everything else, just a quick routine.

What’s your beauty routine? Share in the comments below.

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