The 3 most important steps in your morning beauty routine.

Kids, husband, work, school, grocery shopping, and a myriad other tasks, leaves us with not much time to care for our complexions the proper way. Pair that with incredibly complicated, long and frustrating beauty treatments, and hello wrinkles, pimples, and compacted pores!

A quick, effective morning and night beauty routine that fits into our busy lives, isn’t difficult to achieve nor it requires expensive products. A good cleanser, toner and moisturizer for your morning routine, and a makeup remover, toner and moisturizer for the night is all you’ll need to look your best day in and day out. Add the occasional clay mask, scrubbing mask, eye cream and/or balancing oil and voilà! Facials at home!

A good daily beauty routine is a two part routine, morning applied before any makeup, and night applied before bed. In the morning, preparing the skin for the daily bombardment of contaminants, UV rays, bacteria and dirt is crucial, while at night applying products to restore the damage caused during the day and balance the complexion is a must, for always healthy, radiant skin. Although many of the products you’ll use can be applied for both your morning and night routines, some have very specific times of the day they should be applied on.

©By Valenti Organics
©By Valenti Organics

Cleansing. THE most important step on your morning routine.

Don’t confuse cleansing, done in the morning, with makeup removal done at night. Although both cleanse technically speaking, it’s best to use oil cleansers only to remove makeup.

Cleansing is the first morning step applied to gently remove makeup left behind from the night before, dirt, bacteria, excess oil secreted throughout the night, leftover of any night lotions or oils and loose dead skin cells. A gentle cleanser, is all you’ll need for this important step, but since not all cleansers are formulated the same, finding the right one might take a while.

Aim for a cleanser that’s gentle on the skin, soapy or foamy so it can actually remove excess oils but mild so it won’t dry the skin.

Cleansers can be applied using the fingers, a brush or even a small towel. The brush or towel should be soft enough as to not damage the skin. Apply the cleanser always massaging in circular motion all over the face, neck and décolleté. Pay special attention to the eyes and nose areas, but always be gentle.

Pat the skin dry with a clean towel, DON’T RUB!

It’s best to reserve a towel to be used exclusively for the face. Wash regularly as to avoid contaminating the skin with potential acne causing bacteria.

©By Valenti Organics
©By Valenti Organics

Toning. A step you shouldn’t skip.

Toning does more than just refresh and hydrate the skin, it prepares it for the better absorption of moisturizers and oils. Aim for a toner with a low alcohol content and specifically formulated for your skin type. Yes, a toner with a small alcohol content is a must. Alcohol in a toner, contrary to the internet, provides really good benefits to the skin. Its anti-bacterial properties, aids in killing bacteria and minimize acne outbreaks while increasing the absorption of moisturizers and lotions to the deep layers of the skin, nourishing the skin right where it’s needed.

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Toners should be applied with a cotton ball or small towel, massaging in circular motion. This action increases blood flow while removes any particles left behind. Allow for the toner to fully dry before applying moisturizer.

As good as Rose waters, fruit waters or hydrosols are, they are not toners. These waters are intended to provide some hydration throughout the day if needed. Just spray a bit before entering that important meeting, before heading out from work or on your way to meeting your friends for Friday’s casual cocktails.

Step 3 - Moisturizing
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Moisturizing. Feed your skin.

Moisturizers are usually water-based lotions, but they can also be serums or oils with multi-functional properties. Moisturizers’ main scope is to hydrate, but also nourish, replenish and/or repair the skin. Which one to pick for your morning routine would depend on your skin’s needs.

Aim for a light moisturizer with a high nutritional content preferably derived from vegetable ingredients, like vegetable oils and botanicals. Avoid those containing animal products, as these can increase your chances for acne outbreaks. Avoid products containing artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients or artificial colorants.

At all costs avoid water-based moisturizers formulated without proper proven preservatives, as these products might be contaminated with bacteria and mold which could cause severe acne infections.(1)

Don’t be afraid to alternate moisturizers on a daily basis. Moisturizers are food for your skin. Feeding your skin the same moisturizer every single day, might leave your skin thirsty for missing nutrients. Instead alternate your water-based moisturizers, facial oils and serums regularly.

Allow for moisturizers, oils and serums to fully absorb prior to applying makeup.

Avoid any products with Vitamin A in your morning routine. It’s being proven Vitamin A in the presence of UV rays can cause cancer. (2)

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