Crystal Infused Cosmetics

Crystal infused skin care; the newest reinvented snake oil.

It is hard to believe in 2019 with so many scientific discoveries, new vaccines and advances in technology, space exploration and so many new medical procedures that have saved millions of lives, the flat earth society, anti-vaccination campaigns and crystal infused everything are increasing in popularity!

Are we back in medieval times and no one told me?…

It sure seems that way. In an era where we should be walking away for ever from the mythical, magical and unproven nonsense, fake news and imaginary friends, totally the opposite is happening. It’s hard not to put the blame on lack of education, our media’s fascination with giving voices to the ignorant and uneducated, like it happened with Jenny Mccarthy and her anti-vaccine campaign that ended up costing the lives of thousands of children and our fascination with interpreting scientific studies the wrong way as a way to advance a specific agenda based on feelings or money and not facts.

A few years back, when the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics launched their research on lipsticks and the potential of harmful contaminants in their pigments, everyone wanted hard scientific proof cosmetics in general were safe and free of estrogen mimicking ingredients, phthalates, synthetic everything, pathogens and the like.

Yet today the incoherent trend in cosmetics dabs in the comical and almost ridiculous mythical aspect of, wait for it, crystal infused cosmetics, and whatever that actually entitles in the tangible real world of course. What’s next? Zeus prayed anti-wrinkle lotion?

It’s hard to imagine what scientific base this new trend of cosmetics — which without hesitation or apologies I place in the category of scams — actually accomplishes, other than of course draining consumers of their hard earned money with no benefit to the health and well being of their skin whatsoever.

If you’re seeing any benefits at all while using your daily amethyst infused cleanser, perhaps what you actually needed was to cleanse more often, in which case any other product could have done the trick without the hefty price.

But most importantly, what is the FDA saying in regards to statements like this from one of the manufacturers?

Black obsidian helps extract negative energy from the skin.

Would the FDA consider this a drug or a cosmetic statement? Would the FDA include new regulations over the use of crystals or semi-precious gems in cosmetics which could potentially scar you for life and mythical entities like faeries and gnomes to prevent cosmetics manufacturers from harming consumers when the indiscriminate use of certain crystals or magical creatures prohibited by the FDA are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics or when certain crystals aren’t used according to new regulations?

I would love to get my hands on that peer-reviewed scientific paper proving the use of certain crystals actually improve skin appearance! I cannot wait!

Are people in 2019 still that gullible and naive to believe crystals actually do something for the health of the skin or well being? Are people really that naive or are they that desperate? Do people not see that this alongside the crystal infused water are just plain scams?…

By Valenti Organics. Luxurious. Exotic. All Natural Skincare.

My poor desperately naive parents once believed in the power of crystals in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, incense to clear the bad spirits, and an array of other nonsensical gypsy scams, to the point of ending at times with no money to pay for basic REAL necessities like food, gasoline or the water bill because they had to get their hands on that one of a kind precious stone or other religious/cultist paraphernalia aimed at curing something they didn’t know they had until that charlatan convinced them they had it just by looking at them, grant them a seat in heaven or make them rich. Their slow awakening came after we all almost got killed at Jonestown which unfortunately didn’t last for the rest of their lives. Towards the end of their lives my father once again got scammed by a con-artist in Italy promising him to cure my mother from Alzheimer’s with sounds and crystals. Mom was never cured of course, she died from Alzheimer’s related complications in May of 2017. Dad died broke leaving mom with no money to care for her in 2010. After a life of work, both survivors of WWII, they ended up broke thanks to the hundreds of Christian, Jewish, Masonic, Esoteric, Gnostic, Agnostic, Madame Blavatsky followers and the like charlatans that plagued their lives. Millions of Americans and people around the world are like my parents, gullible and naive, desperate for a miracle, even if that came in a pretty bottle, making them easy pray for the sellers of all sort of snake oils.

If you as the head of the manufacturing company of any of these crystal infused cosmetic products feels offended by my harsh words and mockery, you shouldn’t be. You should instead be feeling embarrassed and ashamed for selling nothing more than a reinvented snake oil in the process completely disregarding FDA regulations when it comes to the manufacturing of cosmetics. An industry I’ve worked really hard to clean up for 12 years.

Skin care is no joke, is hardcore science, scientific research, experimentation and testing, long hours of work and quite a lot of money. The responsibility of formulating a lotion or a soap that works and won’t harm anyone is huge and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

So unless it can be scientifically proven crystals actually do something of benefit other than depleting our mineral resources – which is a negative thing – while harming the ecosystem so many of these new companies claim to be all about protecting, stay away from anyone selling you this mythical glorified form of snake oils even if the one promoting them is one of the Kardashians or Goop itself.

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