DIY Hair Rinse for Naturally Blonde Hair

As Italians born and raised in Tuscany, my mom, and Trieste my dad, my parents had the most amazing frugal and natural recipes for almost everything. This is the Italian way of life still today even in the big cities.

As a child born in the late sixties, my mom was always worried about my extremely long naturally blonde hair, mainly because I got myself into the worse messes a healthy rambunctious child could get into and so did my long hair. Keeping my hair clean, detangled and healthy was a task my mom took very seriously.

DIY Hair Rinse for Naturally Blonde Hair
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Natural was best, and my mom knew that, a way of life I’m applying still to this day.

So to keep my hair blonde, clean and shiny, my adorable mom would use a mix of chamomile tea and white wine vinegar, after shampooing with Castile soap.

* With the sun, chamomile is known to lighten blonde and brown hair, so my hair always had those gorgeous natural highlights not even the best hair salon can give.
* White wine vinegar has a PH similar to hair, acting as a balancing toner for the hair and scalp that also removes excess oils, soap-scum and left behind dirt particles leaving hair shiny and soft.

To make my mom’s recipe…
1 part of white wine vinegar (can be substituted with apple cider vinegar for a less expensive option)
5 parts of strong chamomile tea

Combine both ingredients in a spray bottle. Use after shampoo. Leave on and style as usual or rinse off after 2-5 minutes.

This simple solution works wonders for those of us who use shampoo bars without SLS, as shampoo bars tend to leave hair stiff, due to the higher pH.

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