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Do you know what the little numbers on our skincare & cosmetic bottles are?

It might be very obvious to you, as one of our customers, or as someone with basic knowledge in skin care, but not obvious to so many, so here it is.

The numbers on the front of our skincare product labels indicate the order they should be applied, to achieve optimal results, whilst following a correct beauty routine.

Quite often products are deemed “not good”, or as “they don’t work”, because they’re applied in the wrong order, or badly all together. For example, applying a hyaluronic serum over dirty not prepped skin, won’t do much if not anything at all.

The order of skincare product application, alongside how the products are properly applied in each step is super important to the overall skin health.

Products with “1” on the label

Refers to cleansers and makeup removers, and they’re the first skincare product to be applied. As a rule of thumb, toners, masks, serums, lotions, and the rest of the arsenal should never be applied on dirty skin, as doing so could increase the chances of infections, severe acne and even dermatitis.

Products with “2” on the label

Refers to mud or clay masks and exfoliants. They should always be applied after cleansers but before toners and spritz. They’re the workforce of any skin care routine, the ones responsible for dislodging those stubborn dead skin flakes and cells, removing dirt and excess sebum from clogged pores, and resurfacing the skin.

Products with “3” on the label

These skincare products refer to toners and spritz. The most important step in a good beauty routine and quite often the most overlooked. It always precedes lotions, anti-aging, moisturizers, serums and oils, and must always follow after cleansers and masks.

Products with “4” on the label

The last step on a proper beauty routine, refers to lotions, creams, moisturizers, anti-aging, serums, balms, oils or any other product intended to feed the skin. In this step there are quite a number of products, aqueous, emulsions (lotions and creams), oils and balms. These products must be applied in a specific order as well, especially when layering them, being aqueous products such as serums first, lotions and creams second in that order, oils and balms for last in that order, as balms tend to be thicker in consistency often designed to seal in all the products applied previously, and protect the skin.

Follow the instructions for each product for additional tips, to maximize their power.

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