Dry shampoos. What?… Yes? No? and Why?


Dry shampoos are nothing more than products in powder or dry form (similar to baby powders) formulated to absorb oils and moisture from hair and scalp to quickly give the look of a sort of cleanish hair when shampooing isn’t possible.

Dry shampoos are not shampoos at all and are not intended to clean nor eliminate dirt, oil, pollutants, bacteria or germs from your scalp and hair. If anything they add more dirt and gunk to it.

The list of ingredients varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers use natural ingredients like starches, chocolate powder, powdered roots and even alcohol and baking soda, while others go for a concoction of harmful chemicals no one should be even considering buying much less applying on any living/breathing creature (read the labels!).

But in the end they all accomplish the same task: absorb oil and humidity, and mask the bad odor dirty, grimy, greasy and sweaty hair and scalp can emanate.

Yes? No?

They can be okay to use || occasionally || maybe once every few weeks, when running late for that early morning class and shampooing cannot happen, or if your hair is too greasy by noon, to touch up and freshen up a little before that dinner party after work, always shampooing before heading for bed. But never two or more days in a row, much less an entire week or more (may I say gross?!).

Dry shampoos are not intended to completely replace washing your hair and scalp. In fact, they’re not shampoos at all, they’re just baby powders for adult heads. Not washing your hair within 24 hours of applying dry shampoos can actually harm your hair and scalp much more than shampooing daily.


Simple! bacteria, germs, sweat, dirt, environmental pollution, your own skin oil and those microscopic mites that live on your skin – Yes, we humans do have mites. Add to that a mixture of starches, sugars (from the cocoa powder or any other ingredient in the formula), baking soda and other loads of ingredients to the mix and you have created the perfect ground for every pathogen in your scalp and hair to reproduce and fast.

Applying dry shampoos too often or leaving them in your hair for prolonged periods without properly washing them off can lead to a buildup on your scalp. Creating in the process a dough like layer trapping gases and pathogens in.

Would you skip showering for a week instead applying perfumes and talc to mask your body odor and cover your oily skin? How is this different from not shampooing for a week instead sprinkling or spraying more stuff on your head?

The result? When using daily for prolonged periods of time dry shampoos can lead to bad rancid smell coming off your head; dry, brittle, colorless, opaque, lifeless hair, instead of shiny, bouncy and healthy hair; itchy, flaky, irritated scalp prone to pimples, breakouts, and dandruff, all signs of a bacterial or fungal infection called folliculitis. And in extreme cases, patches of severely damaged hair follicles that have stopped producing hair, in other words hair-loss.

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Do I oppose dry shampoos? Not totally. They have a place, an occasional place that is, in your beauty routine. For a touch up once in a blue moon when you just cannot squeeze time to washing your hair, that’s fine. As a daily thing? Definitely not!

Would my brand By Valenti Organics formulate such a product? Not too sure about that, but I won’t deny it completely.

My recommendation?

Just like you wouldn’t leave the house without showering, you shouldn’t leave the house without washing your hair. It’s the hygienic thing to do.

As “convenient” dry shampoos can seem, – and I use that term loosely – they’re actually not good nor healthy for your hair and scalp.

Switch instead to a mild more natural shampoo formulated with natural ingredients or opt for our True Castile Liquid Soap which can be used as a shampoo, hand and body soap.

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