How to Create the Perfect Makeup Station

Though natural beauty is a lady’s biggest asset, every woman should have a special spot for her makeup routines, however rare these may be. But how do you put together a perfect makeup station, and what elements do you need to make a vanity of your dreams come true? It’s easier than it sounds, actually: here’s the skinny on all the elements you will need to create a charming yet practical nook for your beauty regimens.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

@Tiko Giorgadze / Unsplash
@Tiko Giorgadze / Unsplash

The first thing you’ll need for your lovely makeup station is a gorgeous mirror. After all, if you’re going to be applying makeup at your vanity on a regular basis, you might as well do it properly – and with superior precision, too.

A freestanding mirror is a perfect choice for a deluxe-style vanity, and if you want to save some cash, you can get a tabletop version with normal and enhanced magnification panes and built-in lighting for added versatility. If you’re putting the makeup station together on a shoestring, you can go with the wall-mounted mirror, but make sure to put it in a spot that receives abundant daylight, and top it off with a table lamp, just to stay on the safely lit side of the vanity.

Setting the Makeup Scene

Since you’ll probably want to play a bit with makeup in front of your vanity now and again, you’ll need to set the scene for maximum experimenting ease. Select a decently sized storage unit and deck it with multiple containers and organizers to keep cleansers, makeup removers, mascaras, eyeliners, blushes, foundations, fragrant oils, and other beauty essentials safe, snug, and simple to find.

If you’re a fan of makeup tutorials, you can outfit the table with a tablet stand: that way, you’ll get to learn new beauty tricks without worrying about accidental spills, stains, and potentially fatal liquid-meets-electronics incidents. When picking the chair and table for your vanity, don’t skimp on quality: comfortable stools and solidly-built wooden tables with sets of drawers are a guarantee of longevity and functionality, which makes them ideal for your DIY beauty corner.

Shedding Light on Beauty


Once you’ve selected the mirror, table, chair, and storage for the vanity, it’s time to turn your attention to the fine details – and that’s precisely what superior-quality lighting is for.

You can go shopping for lighting online if you already have a good idea as to the type of lights you need for the makeup station – but if you’re new to either vanities and lighting categories (or both), it would be a wise idea to look up different options such as task lighting, pendants, LED strips, and accent lights before you place your order. As a general rule, LED strips are an ideal option if you have a frame-less mirror, whereas accent lighting is a smart upgrade if you want to dial up the intensity of existing pendants or ceiling fixtures and hack premium makeup application accuracy.

Safe, Clean, and At Hand

The fact that you’ve managed to whip up a gorgeous makeup station from scrap doesn’t mean it will stay shipshape as days (and countless beauty regimens) go by. To keep tabs on your makeup sanitation and ease of use, you should clean the beauty nook after every routine.

Wipe away the stains and makeup debris from the tabletop to preserve peak practicality of the makeup station and extend its lifespan. If possible, use regular cleaning staples to remove signs of everyday use and tough makeup love from the vanity, but avoid bleach on tabletops crafted from wood as it may strip the sensitive surface of lacquer or paint. Also, be sure to clean the brushes, pads, and other beauty essentials after use to prevent contamination by common home debris such as dust and stray hairs.

A perfect makeup station is a girl’s best friend, so if you don’t already have one, now’s as good a moment as any to put together a vanity that will live up to your top beauty routine standards. If you’re still here, you now have the know-how on how to set up a cozy beauty nook, and you can round off the vanity with a few personal touches such as framed pictures, scented candles, or a vase with flowers for bonus interest and pleasure points After all, if you’re going to be busying about your beauty spot regularly, you can at least make it as beautiful as it can be, right?

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