How to properly apply body oils

Body oil applications can be overwhelming for some. The though of leaving the house in a greasy, runny, slippery mess, makes many of us reach for the bottle of body lotion instead.

The fact is lotions are formulated in some cases with the same oils we fear so much to apply. Lotions and creams are emulsions, which are nothing more than a mixture of oils and water bonded together with an emulsifier. Emulsifiers act like glue, sticking water molecules with oil molecules, which otherwise would naturally repel. The result? A creamy soothing mixture we cannot live without.

Most lotions and creams contain no more than 10-15% of oils in their formulation. The rest is water, some fragrances and preservatives. The nasty ones, contain no preservatives or not all the preservatives they should contain, making them the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to freely grow, I know eww!

Body lotions provide extra moisturizing for when our skin needs it the most, or for when our bodies can no longer produce what our skin needs which happens to all of us due to aging. They soften, moisturize, hydrate and relieve us of dry itchy skin. We can drop a travel bottle in our purse for on the go, or have bottles scattered around the house and office for when we need them.

Body oils can perform the same tasks body lotions are known for and do much more, and because they aren’t diluted the benefits are greater and last longer.
1) The results of body oil applications are long lasting, which translates in supple healthy skin that stays soft and moisturized for longer even on cold and hot or dry climates.
2) Body oils don’t require preservatives! So you won’t have to worry about mold and bacteria growing in them, or getting in contact with some potentially harmful chemicals.
3) Because body lotions in some cases contain minute amounts of oils, you’ll be saving money buying the undiluted body oil while providing your skin with real nourishment.

But the reason why so many steer away from body oils is because they don’t know how to use them! Contrary to using body lotions, there is a correct way, and an incorrect way to apply body oils The correct application of oils is what makes the huge difference! and once you try these tips I’m sure you’ll say bye-bye to lotions.

Apply on wet skin, never on dry skin.

Always, always apply body oils on wet skin, preferably after a morning or evening shower, massaging for a few seconds. Tap dry and avoid any rubbing or scrubbing with your towel. The massage allows both moisture (the water droplets from your shower) and the oils to penetrate the outer layer of the skin creating a moisturizing barrier, similar to the one lotions create, sealing moisture in an preventing skin dehydration. The result, supple skin that stays hydrated for longer. But because you can now control the amount of oils your skin really needs, your skin remains hydrated for longer, so there is no need in most cases, for continuous applications throughout the day. If your hands require an extra application at mid day, simply wet your hands, apply a drop or two of oil and massage like you would your lotion. You will notice as days go by, the need for applications during the day is reduced to 1 or 2 with oils opposite to 5 or 6 with lotions.

Never, ever use body oils on dry skin. Dry skin oil applications take longer to absorb, leaving a greasy layer on the skin. Because the skin is already depleted from moisture, adding oils won’t re-hydrate it if water isn’t present, so once applied any moisture in the air is repelled, and not absorbed.

Don’t use too much!

Opposite to body lotions, a little oil goes a long, long way! Just a few drops might be all you’ll need, but you can always add a few drops more if needed. Too little and won’t be enough, too much and you will slip away if your boyfriend tries to grab you. The right amount of oil varies from individual to individual and will depend on the season, humidity/dryness, your skin type, and many other factors. Testing is the only way to know how much is too much so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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