Easy Margarita Recipe

Easy Margarita Recipe

Easy Margarita Recipe
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Margaritas have become the go-to cocktail for almost any summer party. They’re refreshing and quite delicious!

The Margarita cocktail is nothing more than a sweet limeade with tequila and triple sec (Cointreau). There are tons of recipes on the internet but this is my special one

1 litter (4 cups) of cold water.
1/4 cup of tequila (from agave)
1/4 cup of Cointreau(R)
1/4 cup of freshly squeezed Lime juice. I always keep a bottle of organic Italian Volcano lime juice, which is a great substitute for the fresh lime juice in case I can’t find fresh limes. Can be found at any grocery store these days.
1/2 cup Sugar + 1 spoon of sugar. I use raw organic sugar, but turbinado sugar is also great.
1 spoon of Mediterranean Sea salt, or any sea salt.
A few slices of lime for decoration.

Directions for decorating the glasses:
In a plate add a couple of spoons of the lime juice. In another plate mix a spoon of the sea salt with a spoon of the sugar. Dip the rim of the glasses in the lime and then on the mix of sugar and salt. Stick the lime slices on the rim of the glasses. Freeze glasses for about an hour.

Directions to prepare the margarita:
In a pitcher mix the water and the sugar first. Once the sugar is completely dissolved add the lime. Taste to make sure is to your liking. The stronger the limeade the better. The limeade should be sweet but not too sweet. You don’t want to get a sugar rush! Add the tequila and the Cointreau. Mix and freeze for about an hour. Serve the Margarita on the frozen glasses.

If you don’t like lime, substitute with lemon in the same proportions.


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