Guidelines and Terms & Conditions for Guest Contributors & Valenti Team Contributors

BVO Guidelines

Welcome to By Valenti Organics Blog!

Make sure to familiarize yourself with our blog by visiting before publishing any articles.

As a guest contributor you are required to abide by the following policies. Violating these policies on a regular basis will cause your account to be terminated.

Your articles need to be manually pre-approved before they are published on our blog. If we consider the article is not relevant to our blog, it is badly written, it contains grammatical errors, etc, we will not publish it. We reserve the right to edit any article for any reason before it is published. We also reserve the right to remove any images that do not conform with our policies and copyright law.

You must follow and abide to the US Copyright Law when writing your articles and adding images to your articles. We will pursue or cooperate with any copyright violation committed to the full extent of the law.



  • Word Count – Articles must be at least 250 words, but longer are ok (up to 1400 words). Just don’t write a book.
  • Content – Content should be unique, original, but most importantly your own. We do not accept posts that have being published on other blogs or websites, or that have already being submitted for approval on other websites. No SEO-driven content, no keyword linking, no content farm, no advertising or brand promotion, no gimmick articles. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, content and length. When possible, we give guest contributors the opportunity to review all edits prior to publication.
  • Compensation – We do not provide any form of financial compensation. If you have a blog or website of your own you’re free to sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn revenue that way. Once you’re approved as a regular contributor, you will be given access to an account on our blog from where you can add a bio and a picture and links to your facebook page, website, blog and even twitter account.
  • Self-Promotion – Avoid promoting your tool, your company, your favorite brand or your blog.
  • Give Credit – Check your sources and make sure you have provided them in your article. If you are quoting someone or an article off the internet use the appropriate formatting and link the source in a numerical way at the end of the paragraph like so = “according to professor XXXX proving the theory of relativity is a complex matter.” (< a href=”link-to-the-source-for-reference” target=”_blank”>1< /a >). Avoid link stuffing or link spamming. Link stuffing or link spamming will be removed.
  • Controversial Articles – We all have an opinion on politics and religion, but as personal as those subjects are they can bring the worse in people, so please don’t send us any religious or political papers. If you do make sure you provide accurate verifiable information. We don’t want to start the next church or political party.
  • Scientific Articles – We love scientific topics about anything! Bring them on! But one thing we do ask, no pseudo science, no crazy nonsense, but above all, refrain from internet mumbo-jumbo. We want to keep our magazine real, informative and truthful. Make sure to back it up by referencing verifiable scientific research.
  • Pictures & Images – Images are an important part of a good article. We ask if you want to add images and pictures to take your own pictures or pay for the rights to use them (make sure the royalty free sites you buy them from allow for a third party to display them as most do not). We use for royalty free images for our articles, but fotolia does not allow users to post their images on third party websites. As a Guest Contributor you cannot purchase images from and upload them to our servers, as in doing so you will be violating fotolia’s terms and conditions. We’re very strict on copyright violations so we do not accept hotlinking, stolen images or pictures from other websites. If images are not provided we will insert one of our images in your article if we feel it needs them.


Images for your Posts

Our blog works with specific image sizes:

  1. Maximum Width for Images within an Article: 840px. Images larger than 840px in width will be removed or edited to fit the size constraint.
  2. Maximum Image Resolution: 96dpi (for fast download). Images with a larger resolution of 96dpi will be removed or edited.
  3. Maximum Width and Height for Thumbnails (Feature Image): 371px wide x 500px high. Feature images can be smaller in height but need to be set at 371px in width always.

.Upload only images you have the rights to. That being said, you only have the rights to images you have taken yourself with your own camera or phone. Do not under any circumstances upload pictures off the internet, magazines, books, photographers or any other source you have no rights to.

.You cannot upload images from Royalty Free sites like on our servers. Royalty Free Websites allow the user to purchase images for their own websites or blogs, and do not allow the use of such images on corporate websites for which they\’re only contributing to.

.You are required to add a Copyright “©NAME-OF-THE-OWNER-OF-THE-IMAGE” notice in the caption area.

.If your article contains no images, we will provide our own if we consider it necessary.

.If your article contains images that do not abide by our policies, the images will be removed and we will provide our own if we consider it necessary.

.Do not hotlink images from external websites. Even if these are your images and you have the rights to them, we do not allow this practice.

External Links

  1. Link stuffing, link spamming or link farming (the practice of stuffing an article with external links not relevant to the article) is not allowed. Excessive linking that does not provide support to the article will be removed during the editing process.
  2. If your article requires external links, please make sure they open in a new window, by adding the target=”_blank” tag to the link or using the add link button in the post editing page.
  3. If you are quoting someone or an article off the internet use the appropriate formatting and link the source in a numerical way at the end of the paragraph like so = “according to professor XXXX proving the theory of relativity is a complex matter.” (< a href=”link-to-the-source-for-reference” target=”_blank”>1< /a >).

Terms & Conditions



If you submit an article to BY VALENTI ORGANICS BLOG (BVOB), you are deemed to accept all of the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. All work submitted must be written by you the Guest Contributor. You must be the sole copyright holder for each article you submit. By submitting material, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled to distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed.
  2. The word count minimum 250 and maximum of 1400 words. Longer articles may occasionally be accepted. Please include references and further reading where appropriate. Link stuffing is not allowed. For referenced books please provide title, author, publisher and “out of print” if no longer available.
  3. Although we may express interest in receiving an article, the final decision about whether an article will actually be published will not be made until it has been reviewed. We reserve the right to publish or reject articles. The editor must ensure that articles reflect BVOB’s ethos.
  4. We reserve the right to edit articles.
  5. We do not publish articles that have been or may be published elsewhere, in
    whole or in part, unless by prior agreement.
  6. Please do not submit articles that are currently being considered for publication elsewhere. The editor will respond promptly so that, if your article is not considered appropriate, you will then be able to submit it elsewhere.
  7. We will do not accept advertorial articles.
  8. If including images, they should abide by our terms and conditions. See below for images.
  9. We reserve the right for articles, artwork and images used in the print magazine to be published anywhere on our website, blog, syndicate through RSS or link via social media websites. We may also change where material appears, including the category, at any time. We will decide when your article will be published.
  10. We do not allow excessive linking also known as link stuffing. Excessive links or links that do not provide any support for your article, or links to spamming websites, will be removed during the review process.


Once it is agreed that your article will be published in BVOB magazine, online, you agree to the following:

  1. Copyright will remain with the author but you may not offer the article agreed for publication in BVOB, any part of it, or any similar content, including parts of articles, to another publication, whether in print or online.
  2. We reserve the right not to publish your article for any reason given by the editor.
  3. Once your article is published we require that:
    • The article is not republished elsewhere without the express permission of the BVOB editor.
    • Any article that is republished elsewhere credits the BVOB, with a link if appropriate.
    • The article is not posted on your personal blog or website for four months after the date of publication, and when it is posted, details of the article on BVOB and links to the BVOB website are given. You may reference the article within that four-month period, but a link to the BVOB website must be given.
    • A re-written version of your article, or part of it, is not submitted elsewhere for publication, in print or online.
  4. By consenting to your article being published in BVOB, online, you confirm that:
    • Any verse, song lyrics, or other content not written by yourself is either public domain, or you have express right to publish this content.
    • You have provided proper attribution to any and all other work included in your piece. In accordance with fair use, please limit direct attributions of non-public domain work to 300 words or less, or two lines of poetry or verse.
    • You give BVOB the consent to publish your article, or any excerpt of your article, in print or online, for the duration of the magazine’s existence.
    • You agree to indemnify By Valenti Organics and all its parents and child companies from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable legal fees, resulting from any breach of these Terms and Conditions (including negligent or wrongful conduct).



  1. Any photographs or illustrations used are your own work, or you have gained the artist’s permission for use and have provided us with details of who to credit. The standard BVOB credit is “©NAME-OF-THE-OWNER-OF-THE-IMAGE” and should be entered in the Caption section during image upload. If you require other type of credit please enter it in the Caption section during image
  2. Copyright for any illustrations used in BVOB, in print or on-line,
    will remain with the artist.
  3. Should the illustration be used anywhere else, we ask that the issue of
    BVOB where it was first published is prominently credited, including the name of the article it illustrated and a link to the BVOB website.
  4. If you post a copy of the illustration on your personal blog or website,
    please give the following information:
  • The name of the article it illustrated;
  • A link to the article on BVOB where its located



  1. If your article appears solely on the BVOB website, you have the right to:
    • Link to the article from your blog or website.
    • Use a photo from the feature in a blog post with a link back to the BVOB website.
    • Publish this piece on your own blog or website two months after the publication date, provided you maintain a link back to the original published piece on, with the publication date and the words “Reprinted with the permission of By Valenti Organics magazine” clearly visible.