Dear United States Postal Office a.k.a. USPS …

My business lost another client because of you. Thank you.

I’ve been doing business using your services to deliver my goods since 1999. Yet it baffles me at how, despite the amazing new technology we count with these days which is supposedly helping you do a better job, you’ve managed to make it worse, much worse, year after year, after year, month after month.

In 1999 loosing a package was almost unheard of! Now 2016 a week doesn’t go by that we don’t lose at least 1 or an entire lot like it happened a few months ago, and along with them many wonderful clients, we would never see again, thanks to your incompetence at appropriately scanning and delivering packages as supposed to, your main task, one could say your only task. And I wish I was all alone in this ordeal, unfortunately there are thousands of us, many of them filling complaints everywhere they can in a futile attempt to be heard, to find a solution for their missing packages. [1]

It makes us business owners, wonder why on earth do we even bother providing our clients with tracking numbers so they can transparently follow along the journey their packages take? When in most cases they’re not even scanned at their beginning or at all! Just to find after a week when an angry client reaches out, their so awaited goods have vanished in thin air, almost by magic without a trace. Leaving us without even the possibility to file any claim to at least recover the costs of the goods we must deem as stolen and replace in a desperate attempt to keep that frustrated client.

This trend of yours of not scanning packages at pickup or at all, and conveniently – for you! – losing them without a trace has got to stop. Our businesses are suffering because of the incompetence of your organization. And I wish we could say goodbye like our last client did, but you know no matter which other way we chose, one way or another you are in the middle of it or we have to resort in higher more expensive costs we hate to pass down our amazing clients.

So please I beg you, rather than assigning two mail carriers at my location, which is quite weird considering your organization is bankrupt, both doing a substantially low-level job, how about saving the money on benefits and hire a good one instead? It’s obvious 2 mail carriers aren’t better than 1, so maybe reversing the equation might get us somewhere?

In any case thank you from the bottom of my checking account for making my business keep on loosing customers and money. Some of them thinking somehow it’s our fault you’ve lost their packages, as if we have some control on the magnificently awful job you do. Thank you for making us look like morons in the process, for providing a tracking number that shows no information at all on your website, while giving the appearance to those clients we certainly don’t want to keep, that somehow we get a kick out of paying for shipping labels while keeping their goods.

Thank you really, thank you! You guys have mastered the definition of incompetence in the work field.

Sincerely yours,

CEO/Founder & pissed business owner.

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  1. LOL!!! This is awesome!!!! Sorry! not your experience, it’s awful that you have to deal with all that!! The way you wrote it though, it’s awesome!! And you’re right! The post office is doing a godawful job lately!!! What’s up with that?!?! I’ve lost more packages than I can count, even with fedex and ups, but I’ve never blamed the businesses I buy from, that would be stupid! Online retailers rely on shipping companies, so whatever happens to the packages while on transit completely escapes their hands! How idiotic is to blame the retailer for something they have no control over? More companies should vent this way. It’s refreshing to see them deal with similar issues just like regular people. I hope things get better for you in the shipping department.

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