Raw Water – the pricey dangerously dirty bottled water fad that can kill you, or is it just overpriced tap water?

Growing up in Venezuela, South America in the 70’s and 80’s was an experience I will never forget. The lessons I’ve learned as a child growing up meters away from the rain forest and the real danger it pose are still with me to this day. Lock the doors at all times of the day and night, be careful where you eat, watch out for scorpions, snakes and tarantulas and always, always filter and boil the water you’re about to drink. I remember the TV campaigns the government would launch to try and educate the population on how to drink water safely and avoid dysentery and the myriad more tropical deceases. The message was always the same one, add 1 drop of chlorine to a litter of water, let it rest for 24 hours and it’s ready to drink. Recommendation that’s still being imparted these days (1)

Raw water or as it’s commonly known, unfiltered/untreated water can pose really serious health risks, regardless of where it’s sourced from.

Water from rivers and streams contain microorganisms and contaminants that can make anyone sick, very quickly and even kill strong healthy adults in a matter of days. Campylobacter Jejuni, Escherichia Coli, Giardia Lamblia, Legionella Pneumophila, Salmonella, Anabaena circinalis, Rotifers, Copepods, Rhizopus stolonifer, insects eggs and larvae, and let’s not forget feces and urine from animals and fish, – your know those little creatures that live in the water – are quite common in rivers and streams throughout the world.

These and thousand more microorganisms live in almost every body of water in the planet, big and small, even in that puddle right by your garden, which could be by all intents and purposes considered Raw Water. (2)

Who in its right mind would even consider drink much less bottle for sale this infested unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized water to consumers in a first world country, is beyond imagination, but the fact is Mukhande Singh (né Christopher Sanborn), founder of Live Water thought this would be a terrific idea! Backing up his non-scientific research with even more nonsense and lack of basic biology to lure people into his costly scam. Just thinking about it is actually terrifying considering I’ve survived not 1 but 3 E. Coli infections in my lifetime.

Aside from common pathogens something else is of concern many of these Raw Water advocates aren’t considering, lead and other heavy metals, contaminants and pollutants from nearby farms and industries which are more than ever dumped into our water bodies now that the EPA is more relaxed in its regulations thanks to our new administration and its disdain for scientific facts.

The water coming our of your faucet is safer in comparison, and yet in some areas in the US it can still pose a risk if not filtered and boiled prior to consumption. Ask the people of Flint, Michigan, a town less than 60 miles from our location.

Mukhande Singh, told the Times that tap water was “dead” water. If you live in California, that could be sort of true, considering water from toilettes, washers, dishwashers and even the car washes is “recycled” back into the system, which poses another set of problems totally unique to this practice. But still raw water must be at least filtered and boiled to remove/kill as many pathogens as possible to render it safe to consume, which Live Water and others apparently aren’t doing. Assuming of course the water is actually raw water and not overpriced tap water sold as raw water.

Raw Water is very much “alive” if we consider the amount of living microorganism in it, that aren’t necessarily good nor probiotic as this company claims and have been the cause of illness and death in the millions prior to the invention of sterilization and filtration systems in the early 1900’s and that is still claiming lives in remote locations in third world countries where purification systems aren’t readily available, then yes, this water is very much alive. (3)

Reading the quite a number of negative reviews Live Water’s facebook page has gotten, from regular folks and even a biologist an a chemist, it’s hard to believe the CDC and FDA haven’t opened an investigation into this.

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As much as we might hate water from the grid, with its chlorine to kill pathogens and fluoride to prevent cavities, raw water can be much, much worse even if those benefiting from it say otherwise with their bogus pseudo-scientific reports.

But it seems someone has already investigated the so called Raw Water from Live Water, and it turns out is just overpriced tap water from Jefferson County, according to Men’s Health Magazine, which residents get piped into their homes for about one-third of a cent per gallon, while followers of this scam are paying as much as $64 per 4 glass jugs of this water. (4,5)

I’m baffled at the fact this and other similar companies have actual consumers drinking their potentially dangerous water without questioning any of their fallacies, or even ok with being scammed paying ridiculously high prices for tap water.

If you feel the need to get off the water grid for whatever reason, at least make it safer to consume it by following these simple guidelines:

  • Don’t buy into the fad to make a con artist rich and collect your own raw water from a river or water body that’s away from farms and industries that could potentially pollute it.
  • Invest in a good certified filter that could remove or reduce the levels of heavy metals, contaminants and pathogens. Look for a good one and do your shopping, there are literally hundreds to choose from.
  • Boil the filtered water for 10 (ten) minutes to kill whatever pathogens the filtering could not eliminate prior to consumption.
  • Don not store raw water unfiltered and unsterilized as microorganisms will reproduce and fast, rendering this stagnant water totally unsafe to drink or bathe in.
  • And for all is precious to you, do not trespass into private property!

But if you find it gets too time consuming, costly and definitely not environmentally friendly with all the driving back and forth – carbon footprint, CO2 gasses and all that -, do yourself a favor, get a good filtering system, and filter the water from your tap just to be on the safe side.

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