Write for By Valenti Organics

Write for By Valenti Organics

Are you an interior designer, avid gardener, experienced DIY, nutritionist, doctor, scientist or a cook wanting to share your recipes and knowledge with a wider audience? Why not contribute to our blog?

Family, gardening, food, beauty, fashion, health, pop culture, anything your heart desires. We make it easier and simple to share your passion and knowledge with the world!

We want to transform By Valenti Organics blog into THE MAGAZINE for beauty, health, cuisine, decor, gardening and so much more!

What do we offer:

We offer two writing opportunities:

a) Be a part of the Valenti Team, which allows you the freedom to publish your articles anonymously. No strings attached, perfect for occasional contributors that cannot commit to weekly articles.
b) Become a Guest Contributor and write under your own signature, which allows you public display of your name and your credentials and an account on our blog. The Guest Contributor accounts are for experienced already published writers only that can contribute articles on a weekly basis.

How to get Started:

Pitch us an idea or your entire article for publishing using the form below. Please, make sure to use your real name and real email address so we can contact you in case we have questions or to send your login information if you’re applying as a Guest Contributor. Select which writing opportunity you’re interested in “Valenti Team” or “Guest Contributor”.

If you’re applying for the “Valenti Team”, make sure to include the full article and references to support your claims in the form of links or book references. If we like your article it will be published under the Valenti Team signature, without your name or a link to your website. We reserve the right to deny the publishing of any article for any reason. Submitting your article won’t warrant it would get published.

If you’re applying as a “Guest Contributor”, do not send the full article. Just 1-2 paragraphs will suffice to give us an idea of your writing style. Make sure to provide references to the other articles you’ve published on your blog or for other websites. If you’re new to writing, and have never published any articles, you won’t be accepted as a Guest Contributor. Only experienced writers with a unique voice will be accepted.

Important Guidelines to Consider Before Submitting your Article:

  • Word Count – Articles must be at least 250 words, but longer are ok. Just don’t write a book.
  • Content – Content should be unique, original, but most importantly your own. We do not accept posts that have being published on other blogs or websites, or that have already being submitted for approval on other websites. No SEO-driven content, no keyword linking, no content farm, no advertising or brand promotion, no gimmick articles, no link stuffing.
  • Compensation – We do not provide any form of financial compensation. If you have a blog or website of your own you’re free to sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn revenue that way. Once you’re approved as a Guest Contributor, you will be given access to an account on our blog from where you can add a bio, a picture of yourself and links to your website or blog.
  • Self-Promotion – Avoid promoting your tool, your company, your favorite brand or your blog.
  • Give Credit – Check your sources and make sure you’ve provided them in your article. Irrelevant links or link stuffing will be removed.
  • Controversial Articles – We all have an opinion on politics and religion, but as personal as those subjects are they can bring the worse in people, so please don’t send us any religious or political papers. If you do make sure you provide accurate verifiable information. We don’t want to start the next church or political party.
  • Scientific Articles – We love scientific topics about anything! Bring them on! But one thing we do ask, no pseudo science, no crazy nonsense, but above all, refrain from internet mumbo-jumbo. We want to keep our magazine real, informative and truthful. Make sure to back it up by referencing verifiable scientific research.
  • Pictures & Images – Images are an important part of a good article. We ask if you want to add images and pictures to take your own pictures or pay for the rights to use them. We use fotolia.com for royalty free images for our articles. We’re very strict on copyright violations so we do not accept hotlinking, stolen images or pictures from other websites. Images uploaded to our servers that violate our policies and copyright law will be removed. If images are not provided we will insert one of our images in your article.

If you write for other blogs or websites please enter the URL for the published articles below

If applying as a Guest Contributor please enter 1-2 paragraphs of your pitched article below. *Guest Contributors are required to post unique content at least once a week. If you cannot commit to writing articles for our blog regularly, please refrain from applying as a Guest Contributor. Inactive accounts are regularly deleted.

If applying as a Valenti Team contributor, please enter your full article below as you wish us to publish it. *Valenti Team contributors have no requirements, send us as many articles as often as you want.

*By Submitting this form you agree to our Terms & Conditions.