INCI: Maranta arundinacea

Arrowroot powder, derived primarily from the rhizomes of the Maranta arundinacea plant, is a finely ground substance known for its starchy content and minimal flavor. This powder is produced through a process of washing, peeling, soaking, and drying the rhizomes, ensuring the extraction of a pure, fine starch.

In the cosmetics industry, arrowroot powder is prized for its ability to act as a natural thickener and moisture-absorber. It is frequently used in formulations where a silky and smooth texture is desired, such as in face powders, dry shampoos, and deodorants. The utility of arrowroot extends beyond textural enhancement; it also offers benefits such as improving the skin's moisture absorption and providing a matte finish. Scientific studies have indicated that its high starch content can aid in the skin's ability to manage moisture, making it a preferred ingredient in many natural cosmetic formulations.


Common Name



Maranta arundinacea

Extraction or Production Process

The production of arrowroot powder involves harvesting the rhizomes of the Maranta arundinacea plant, which are then washed, peeled, and soaked to remove impurities. The cleaned rhizomes are ground into a pulp, washed again to extract the pure starch, and finally dried and finely milled to produce the powdery end product.


Arrowroot powder is a vegetable-derived ingredient, sourced specifically from the rhizomes of the Maranta arundinacea, a perennial herb found in rainforest habitats.

Country of Origin

This ingredient is predominantly sourced from and manufactured in tropical regions, with significant production in the West Indies, as well as in parts of South America and Asia.


In cosmetics, arrowroot powder is utilized primarily for its ability to absorb excess skin oil, moisture, and sweat, making it an excellent ingredient for natural deodorants and powders. It also has soothing effects on the skin, which can help to reduce irritation.


Chemically, arrowroot powder is largely composed of carbohydrates, specifically starches that are responsible for its absorbent properties. It is gluten-free and generally lighter and less dense than other starches, which contributes to its unique feel in cosmetic products.


For the skin, arrowroot powder helps to absorb oils and moisture, providing a matte finish that is particularly beneficial in face powders and foundations. Its gentle drying effects can also soothe skin irritation and help improve skin texture. For the hair and scalp, arrowroot can absorb excess oil and sweat, making it a suitable component in dry shampoos and scalp treatments.

    Contraindications and Precautions

    While arrowroot powder is generally considered safe for cosmetic use, individuals with a known allergy to Maranta arundinacea should avoid products containing this ingredient. Due to its high absorbency, products containing arrowroot should be used cautiously on very dry or sensitive skin to prevent over-drying or irritation.


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