By Valenti, our brand, trademark and our family name is being impersonated on Instagram


By Valenti®, has existed for 15 years. By Valenti® isn't only a registered brand, it's a family company named after my father's and my last name VALENTI.

By Valenti® has always meant {made} By {the} Valenti {family}.

Although not a unique last name, when someone without the VALENTI last name claims to be part of our family, our brand, and it's impersonating our company, then I am ready to fight back with all I've got.

There's an impersonator on Instagram that has taken a username that belonged to us, for the sole purpose of impersonating us, the brand and the family name. The individual ironically from Venezuela, has been wreaking havoc for the past 4 months using not only our brand image, but taking advantage of customers looking for us on that platform, thinking they've landed in our page, soon to find out most time, they were not dealing with us.

Following the legal pathways, our lawyer has already filed the necessary documents with Instagram for Trademark violation. META on the other hand has provided us with an additional route to take this impostor down and recover our once username, and we need your help.

How can you help? Report the Account for Pretending to be a Business or Organization

Step 1

Open your Instagram app and search for the username @byvalenti. Follow this link to identify the violating page and make sure you are reporting the correct one or verify the page corresponds with this image below.


Step 2

Once there click or tap the three dots on the upper right hand corner of your screen. (See image below)


Step 3

A menu of options now opened up from the bottom of your screen on your smart phone.
Click or tap REPORT. (See image below).


Step 4

You will be asked the reason for reporting this account.
Select REPORT ACCOUNT. (See image below).


Step 5

Next select IT'S PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. (See image below).


Step 6

The prompts change and you will be asked who is this account pretending to be?
Select A BUSINESS OR ORGANIZATION. Click NEXT. (See image below).


Step 7

A new screen will open up asking you to report who the account is pretending to be. They're pretending to be us, By Valenti Organics and are impersonating our family's name. In the search box enter byvalentiorganics. Verify the spelling is correct. As you type byvalentiorganics you should see the logo and name of our company. Select the our company and click the submit button. (See images below).



Report the Account for Pretending to be Someone I know

This second report is not necessary, but much appreciated! A second report can be filled as the girl currently holding the byvalenti account is pretending to be related to me and my family, and part of my company. Impersonating someone or a member of a family is a criminal offense.

To file the second report, follow steps 1 through 6, but instead on step 6 select SOMEONE I KNOW, as shown in the picture below.


Click Next to finish the report.

If you get asked who they're impersonating. The answer to that is us, byvalentiorganics. Make sure it's spelled correctly.

That's it!

From the bottom of my heart and my family's we thank you!

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