By Valenti Organics Recognized by the EWG as one of the top rated skin care brands

By Valenti Organics Recognized by the EWG as one of the top rated skin care brands


Yesterday we received an email from one of the analysts at the EWG (Environmentally Working Group), the organization in charge of maintaining the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. The email was just a couple lines, but it was the best gift I could have ever gotten for my birthday. In the email we were informed at least one of my products was listed among the top rated in their database. After close inspection, we found all my products were rated among the top in all the categories they applied to. This not only means we're among the top rated, this means we're rated among the safest skin care lines surpassing many of the self-acclaimed organic skin care lines and many of our competitors.

This is the reassurance we are on the right path, proves that with integrity and hard work, we can break the sickening addiction to petrochemicals our skin care industry is accustomed to feed us with everyday. Currently, despite knowing how dangerous petroleum is, Americans eat, shampoo, rub, drink, apply and medicate with at least 50+ petrochemicals on a daily basis, poisoning their bodies and our mother Earth in the process.

Even though we're still in our infancies, we've proven one more time it is possible to create safe, luxurious & exotic and environmentally conscious skin care products without the need for any petrochemicals or harmful ingredients. We're revolutionizing the skin care industry, one soap, one lotion, one product at a time to keep you safe and keep a cleaner world for future generations.

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