Lavender Limeade - Summer's favorite thirst quencher

Lavender Limeade - Summer's favorite thirst quencher

4th of July is the biggest mid year celebration. Gathering with friends, barbecues and fireworks can get you pretty hot and overheated!

This easy to make and refreshing beverage is the perfect healthy thirst quencher for the hot summer days, and will sure surprise your guests!

I'm nuts for lime, it's actually my most favorite citric fruit, but if it's too strong for your taste, just replace it with lemon instead.

Servings: 8

2 liters (8 glasses) of water
1/2 cup of organic sugar or honey
2 stems of fresh organic lavender flowers or 2 spoons of dried organic lavender flowers
1 cup of organic lime juice
8 slices or wedges of organic lime for decoration
8 stems of fresh organic lavender flowers for decoration (optional)

1- First carefully wash the lavender with fresh water. Lavender is a short bush and can get pretty dusty.
2- Bring water and sugar or honey to a boil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Turn off.
3- Immediately add the lavender to the water and cover the pot with a lid. Steep for about an hour or until cold.
4- Strain the liquid with a fine mesh sieve, add the lime juice and place in a jar in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
5- Serve in a glass with ice, add a lime wedge/slice and a stem of lavender for a pop of color.

Enjoy and Happy Summer!


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