Black Lava Bar Soap FAQ

Is this soap good for acne prone skin?
Yes! Our Black Lava Bar Soap has been formulated specifically for acne prone skin, people with dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Can I wash my face with this soap?
Yes! Our Black Lava Bar Soap can be used on the face as a daily facial soap as well as shower soap.

Is this soap Organic?
Soaps cannot be Organic. Because of the ingredients needed to manufacture soaps, they cannot be classified as "Organic" or "100% Organic" by the USDA. The highest USDA certification available for all soaps is "Made with Organic Ingredients". All the certified organic ingredients used in our products, is transparently disclosed in the ingredients list for each product. Additionally a % amount of organic ingredients is disclosed as per the current calculation method established by the USDA NOP.